Monday, March 6, 2017

Pingyao Travel: Pingyao Ancient City Joint Ticket

The Pingyao ticket costs 150Rmb ( $21) and you basically have access to at least 20 sites in the area. its valid for 3 days and I think that is good enough to see all the sites.

You can check out Travel China Guide for the places you can see with this ticket

During our visit we paid 150 even though most sites and even the ticket says 130. The tickets can be bought at the ticketing office located at the entrance for climbing up the city wall. 

Photo above is the main tower on the city wall and if you turn left the ticketing office is just there. They are easy to deal with especially if you have exact amount when you pay.

The tickets are basically scanned upon entering  the site and you can only visit a location once. The bar code should be aligned well because sometimes it doesn't scan properly. There are times where there are attendants at the entrance to do this but sometimes there are none. 

Also a thing to remember that sites do close around 5-6 PM. And by 10 pm most of the stalls are already closed and the streets are almost empty. Unless you want to get locked out by your hotel better go back early. We got locked out for a bit good thing the staff is still awake and opened the door for us.

Here are just some information about the joint ticket that I personally experienced and its also better to ask for a map at your accommodation so you know where to go as well.

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