Friday, March 31, 2017

How Natural Light Will Change Your Decor And Your Mood

Natural light is hugely underrated, both at work and at home. The more natural light you expose yourself too each day, the better your mood will tend to be! Of course you need to make sure you’re protecting your skin with SPF and wearing sunglasses if the sun is bright, but apart from that, it’s a super healthy thing to do. If you want to know how natural light will change your decor and mood, read on!

Open Up A Space

Natural light will instantly open up a space and make things feel more spacious. If you’re conscious that a room, or even your entire home is small, natural light can sort that right out for you. It only makes sense that a lighter space will look larger, while darker space will look smaller.

Make It Feel Lighter and Brighter

Letting more natural light in is perfect for the summer months, as it makes your home feel much lighter and brighter. You may not need to completely switch up your decor at all. If you choose window treatments that are designed to let more light in, you’ll be able to enjoy summer even when you’re indoors!


Give A True Representation of Your Color Scheme

Natural light will give a true representation of your color scheme too. If you chose a color and wondered why it looked different once you’d gone past the point of no return, lighting is probably the biggest factor. Colors can change completely depending on whether the space has warm or cool light, as well as artificial and natural light. Be smart about your lighting and your colors will look the way you want them to!

Make You More Focused And Productive

Now, what will natural light do for you? It’ll help to make you far more focused and productive. If you work from home, then opening up those curtains and letting the light in is a must! Artificial light can be a huge productivity killer. If you want to make sure you get your stuff done, then natural light will help to get you in the right frame of mind.

Make You Calmer And Happier

Not only will natural light make you more focused and productive, it’ll make you calmer and happier. Natural light isn’t going to have the same effect as coffee, which can make you more productive but also jittery and not very calm at all. Who would have thought that contacting a window replacement company could have such an impact on your frame of mind? Getting more natural light lowers your risk of SAD, especially during the winter months.

Regulate Your Sleep Cycle

Because you’re getting more natural light, you’ll become more accustomed to when it gets lighter and darker. You’ll then regulate your sleep cycle. As long as you don’t bathe in artificial light for hours once the sun has gone down, you should get sleepy at a better time and enjoy a higher quality sleep.

What more reason do you need to let natural light in?

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