Monday, March 27, 2017

Cool Tech All Living Rooms Need

In just a few years, many experts think that our homes will be filled with lots of smart tech designed to make our lives a lot easier. Are you looking forward to introducing the furniture into your home? Well, you might be glad to hear that there is a lot of tech that you can already bring into your home to make it feel like you are living in a tech-forward home. And a lot of that awesome equipment can easily be incorporated into your living room.

So, which pieces of tech are worth investing in? Here are some of my personal favorites.


A Smart TV

TVs have gone on a long way since they first came into people’s homes in the 1940's and 1950's. Now, lots of people are buying smart TVs. These are TVs that you can connect to the Internet and browse the web on. Thanks to their connectivity, you can also get ShowBox App and other streaming services connected to your TV, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want. Lots of smart TVs also come with video games on them, and you will be able to download others from the Internet. Not only that, though, but you can also connect smart TVs to your computer and its hard drive so that you can view all of its programs and software on your TV screen.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sick of having to vacuum the carpet of your living room every week? The living room is often the busiest area in most homes, and all that foot traffic can lead to a lot of dirt in the carpet! Well, there is one easy way to get around all the hoovering that this might cause. And that is by buying a robot vacuum cleaner. These nifty little gadgets will roam around your floor, hoovering up all the dust and dirt. What’s more, you don’t have to ever worry about it getting stuck. As soon as it bangs into a piece of furniture, it will simply know to turn around and go the opposite way.


An Amazon Echo

Could you do with a bit more help staying organized with all your plans? If so, it sounds like you could do with an Amazon Echo! This gizmo connects to your smartphone or laptop and will have access to all of your calendars and contacts, and will be able to answer any questions that you may have. Yes, you read that correctly - you can talk to your Amazon Echo! It’s just like Siri, really. Ask it a question, and it will search the web for you. The Amazon Echo looks like a small digital tube and can be stood anywhere. Place it on your mantelpiece to add some chic futuristic vibes to your living room!

So why live in a dated living room when you can update it and bring it up to speed with the 21st Century?! You just need to add these cool little pieces of tech!

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