Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Change Your Home Décor in A Weekend

For many homeowners, the idea of changing house can be appealing when the décor of the home feels a little tired. It may seem easier to start fresh than address the current issues. In truth, changing your interior décor needs no more than a few hours if you know what you are doing. There is no need to start a big home renovation project that might take months when all you need is to brighten up your interior. Pick a weekend and your best DIY gear, and let’s get started to give your home a new feel.

Color Scheme

Changing the color in your room can immediately change the atmosphere. Start by considering your room as a blank canvas - this might need a little imagination, especially if the room is crammed with various items - but try to think of it as an empty space. Most homeowners tend to choose a combination of two colors to redecorate a room, let’s say you pick blue and white for example. The possibilities are almost infinite, as you can decide to play with accessorizing the room, using the famous blue and white Asian pottery style, or you can embrace a nautical design that conjugates your color scheme throughout the entire room. If you are choosing a more prominent decorative approach, with something like the nautical style, you will only need quality painting gear and professional colors to create an ambiance. Keeping your floor as neutral as possible, with elegant timber-style laminate floors, can be a good and subtle way of breaking a décor before it takes over the entire room. Do stick to similar tones, or if you are feeling bold pick a completely different color scheme to add a touch of
originality to your décor.

The Affordable Minimalist Design

Modern design is all about the minimalist approach. Minimalism is about focusing only on the essentials. Don’t be fooled by it though: It doesn’t mean that you should change your furniture, or even sell your house to live in cave. The core concept of a minimalist décor relies on decluttering. Stop the flow of things coming in and start by focusing of the stuff you have and you don’t use or want. Start by simple questions: Do you really need that tenth mug with a cute kitten on it? Does the sofa need another series of bright cushions? Gradually, you will start to determine what you should keep and what you don’t need. And never keep anything out of guilt: Your house should only contain things that you love, so don’t keep anything that you don’t like it. This approach will clear the room and create more space in your house.

Frame Your Décor

The best way to make the most of your décor is to frame it in such a way that it you can create small decorative vignettes inside a room. Bright curtains will cut line of the wall and emphasize on the window if you keep them open. Mirrors can add depth to a room, try placing a mirror in a small living room to instantly see the space double inside. You can also use paintings to create a highlight in a room, for example, you can frame the sitting area with asymmetrical painting arrangements to divide the space more effectively.

Here are just some ways on how you can effectively change your home decor without any major construction involved. Whats your favorite? Comment down below!

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