Monday, February 20, 2017

Bathroom Blues: Facelift or Full Refit?

The debate about which room in your house is the most important is not an easy one to settle. Some insist it's the kitchen, others say the family living space - but what about the bathroom? This is where you get clean, start your day, relax with a bubble bath surrounded by candles. Getting your bathroom right is an essential if you want your home to properly work for you.

Few of us have the luxury of moving into a house and finding it exactly as we want it. At best, we get a blank canvas onto which we can imprint our own style. At worst, we're looking at a full overhaul of the entire room - which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

If you're in the latter situation, then you are faced with two choices. You try and live with what you've got, making small changes to make the space more palatable to your tastes. Or you go all-in and go for a huge renovation, with all the cost and inconvenience that that brings.

So why do you choose?

Choose A Face-lift If...

  • The right bathroom suite is installed. By 'right,' that doesn't necessarily mean the one you find most beguiling in terms of style - just right as in function. For example, if you need a bath and you don't have one, then it makes sense to look in the direction of full renovation. If, however, the suite is generally what you would choose in terms of how you use it, then you can learn to live with it for the moment.
  • You have budget constrictions. A bathroom refit is not the kind of thing you can do on the cheap. It's better to live with it for the moment and save up towards a full change at a later point.
  • You've not tried to live with it. Sometimes, something we hate on first sight can actually be something we ultimately love. Give it time; at least six months from the point of moving in.

Choose A Full Refit If…

  • You know what you want. Sometimes, we look at a room and think "that needs to be different" - our reaction defined more by what we don't like than anything else. To go for a full refit, you have to move your thinking beyond this and actually get to a point where you start envisioning what you do want. You have to have direct ideas in mind, be ready with all the bathroom jargon you need so you can talk to tradespeople, and have a firm idea on your budget.
  • You're not juggling several other house improvements at the same time. Re-modelling a bathroom is a time-consuming project that is rife with a huge amount of inconvenience, so it needs to be your sole focus.
  • The bathroom needs modernization. If you're struggling with very old-fashioned plumbing, a shower that leaks or a bath that's as old as you, then it's worth the effort for the update. A more modern bathroom is not just desirable, but will also earn its keep in lower running costs and better water usage.

Go ahead and check if your bathroom matches any of the criteria and then decide if you need just a face-lift or a full refit. Remember to take everything in consideration before making an decisions so you have the quality that you are looking for.

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