Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sold! Popular Things You Need To Add To Your Home To Ensure It Sells Quickly

When it comes to selling your home, you need to try and look at your place from a potential buyer’s point of view. You need to consider what you would be looking for if you were hunting down a new property. As well as things like neutral decor and spacious rooms, there are a few things you could get which will ensure your property sells like hot cakes. Therefore, here are some popular things you need to add to your home so that you can see the sale board sooner rather than later.

Integrated appliances

A lot of people prefer to have integrated appliances in their kitchen nowadays. For one thing, they tend to take up less room as they are built into cupboards which are part of the kitchen. And also, they don’t have to worry about going to buy new appliances if they do secure an offer on your home. After all, items like a new washing machine or a dishwasher can cost a few hundred dollars! Therefore, it’s worth looking into getting some integrated appliances installed before you put the house up for sale. And if you can’t afford to get these, you could always sell your own appliances with the house. It will encourage viewers if they have everything they already need in the kitchen!

A great fireplace

Another thing which people tend to look for in a living room is a fireplace. After all, it’s an attractive feature which can bring some heat to the room. And it can save families a fortune on heating bills if they just turn on the fire instead in the evenings to stay warm. Therefore, you should consider getting one for your home. You might want to go for a traditional wood burner fireplace in your home. Of course, if you do get this, you need to ensure there is space and a chimney available to connect to the wood burner fireplace. And make sure you get extras like a fireplace grate and a screen to make it more efficient and safe for future families living in your home! And remember to look at electric fireplaces in the home. After all, they will give the property a modern feel and can often be a lot more cost effective.

A fantastic working area

It’s always good to have somewhere you can work inside the property. In fact, it will be one of the top things people look for when they come to see your home. Therefore, to help them imagine living there, you should create a fantastic working area. You might want to do it in a spare room or a study if you have this in your home. It can encourage them to put an offer in if they think it’s a good place for their family to do their work. You can read my previous blog for help creating a working area in the home.

And don’t forget about the garden too when it comes to selling your property. A lot of people want a good sized shed in their backyard. After all, it can be ideal to hold all your essentials. Therefore, you ought to consider building one or getting one installed to ensure you get an offer on your home sooner rather than later.

Here are just some of my tips on how you can sell your investment faster than others. Beat the market and sell your home quickly! Do you have additional tips? Comment down below!

xoxo, Therese
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