Thursday, January 26, 2017

Love on the Rocks? Here’s How to Get Back on Track


Love can be a tricky thing. When you first meet someone, and you fall head over heels in love, you think that everything about them is wonderful and you don’t notice any little flaws they have. Unfortunately, things rarely stay so wonderful, and little cracks start to appear in the relationship, which if left unattended can turn into a void the size of the Grand Canyon, and no one’s coming back from that!

If this is something you are experiencing currently, but you believe your relationship is worth fighting for, here are some tops tips for getting your romance back on track:

Make an Effort

Maintaining a healthy relationship is easy when you’re in the first stages of a new love. Everything is effortless, and you’re happy just to be in each other’s company, but when the novelty fades, that is when you can start to experience problems.

When a couple are more used to each other, they will start to make more demands and may even look elsewhere for that newly in love feeling when the heady magic of a new relationship starts to fade.

Instead of arguing or assigning blame, it is important now, more than ever to make a real effort. Talk. Find out each other’s needs. Do new things together. Basically, do anything you can to connect, enjoy your time together and show your partner you love them, and you will feel closer than ever.


The key to a happy, healthy relationship is to communicate always. Instead of sitting stewing on a problem you have with your partner, talk it out in a sensitive way and try to come to a resolution that makes both parties happy.

If this is something you find difficult, it might be worth looking into relationship therapy and counseling where a verified therapist will help you through the process.

Set Boundaries

Although it is important that you and your partner take care of your respective needs, it is also important that you do not let yourself be led into taking actions that are against your best interests or your will, which is why you should each set your own boundaries and make it clear that they should be respected.

Respect Who They Are

Often, people get into a relationship thinking they can change the characteristic s of their partner that they do not like. This rarely goes well, and if you truly love and respect your partner, you should let go of unrealistic ideals and let them be who they are. You’ll feel better for it and so will they.


Avoid Criticism

Part of respecting who your partner is requires you to stop criticizing them unnecessarily. Instead, try to praise them when they do something positive for you, themselves or the relationship. Positivity in your relationship will make it stronger while criticism will corrode it over time.

By really trying to save your relationship, without forcing it, there is every chance that your rocky romance will become a life-long love affair. Put the tips above into practice and watch your relationship bloom once more.

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