Monday, January 16, 2017

Crazy Facts You Probably Never Knew About Thailand

Thailand is a hotspot for budget travelers and backpackers. And there is no wonder, really, as the country is full of scenic landscape, dreamy beaches, and cosmopolitan cities. Not only that, though, but it has a unique culture and history that people love to absorb and be a part of. But are you sure that you know everything that there is to know about Thailand? Before you head there on your next vacation, it is a good idea to brush up on all the following facts.


Amazing Fish

Thailand is home to the largest freshwater and saltwater fish. Bet you didn’t know that!Thailand has a very long coastline, and when you are paddling in its waters, you might spot the Rhincodon typus, more commonly known as the whale shark. At around twelve feet long, this is usually regarded as the world’s longest fish! Take a peak in Thailand’s freshwater ponds and lakes, and you might see the Giant Catfish. This is the world’s largest freshwater fish at an impressive ten feet.

It’s Not Just Beach Holidays And Parties

Many people head to Thailand just for the gorgeous beaches and all-night partying scene. But don’t let this put you off booking a trip to this fantastic country, as there are plenty of other things that should attract you. If you want to make a difference while you are traveling, you could consider signing up to volunteer in Thailand. If you are qualified as  TEFL teacher, you may also be able to find a few month’s work helping out in a school teaching English.

So Much Wildlife

If you consider yourself a wildlife lover, then you should certainly think about a trip to Thailand. Why exactly? Well, that’s because the country is home to around a tenth of all the animals on the planet. And that is a whole lot of wildlife for such a relatively small country! There are thought to be around 925 bird species and 285 species of mammal living in the country. That’s 300 more species of birds than in the whole of Europe!


Thailand Has Never Been Colonized

Around 200 years ago, almost the whole of Southeast Asia was under European rule. Great Britain and France had the largest colonies in this area. But that doesn’t include Thailand! In fact, Thailand was the only country in this area not to fall under European rule! They set their borders and were able to change their political system so that it mimicked many of those found in Europe at this time. Thanks to this, Europe respected them and left them to rule as an independent nation.

The Year Is 2557

In Thailand, all the locals are Buddhists, which mean they measure their years from the point of Buddha’s death. Unlike in the western world, where years are counted from the point of Christ’s death. That means that they are 543 years ahead of us and our Gregorian calendar.

So there you have it; some amazing facts you can use to impress all your fellow travelers!

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