Monday, October 24, 2016

Why You Should Be Thinking About The Surfaces In Your Home

When you think about it, our homes are made up of surfaces. It is difficult to imagine most people's homes without their worktops, tables, chests of drawers and the like. Even your flooring could be considered as a surface. Unsurprisingly, we put the surfaces in our homes through a lot, and they are also a large part of our interior decor. There are so many different options to choose from - for example if you're going to choose the same kind of wood for all the surfaces in your home. If you're in the middle of redecorating your home, you might be buying new table furniture, or replacing old surfaces that don't serve your needs anymore. Before you head into purchasing anything, read our guide to the best surfaces for every part of your home.


Your floor could arguably be classed as the most important surface in your home. It is also vital to the overall appearance of your home. You may have a beautifully clean, minimalist home, but if you have a faded patterned carpet straight out of the 70s, it isn't really going to set off the look all too well. But aside from aesthetics, there are also a number of other things to consider before you start choosing your floor. If your home is particularly  cold, stone flooring is going to be your worst enemy as it is a poor insulator. Instead, you should opt for a cosy carpet. But, if you have pets, you may end up having some issues with carpets, such as your pet’s claws getting stuck in it. Laminate floors are always a good bet in this instance, as they are safer and also easier to clean.

Kitchen worktops

The type of worktop you choose in your kitchen can set the basis for the whole room. There are so many visual options to choose from these days, which means you may find yourself spoilt for choice. Granite comes in many different colors and is an ideal material for a clean, modern kitchen. Other Kitchen Countertops can even come in a quartz material, or different types of laminate. But whichever material you go for, always be aware of the heat resistance. Some worktops allow you to put steaming hot pans straight down on the surface with no problem whatsoever. However, some others are only heat resistance up to a certain point, and you may end up with a burn mark on the surface if you don't check first.

Dining table

We all know we should try and make time to eat together as a family more often, and investing in a dining table enables us to do that. If you live somewhere small, you could always buy a coffee table that transforms into a bigger table when you need it to, to save on space. Classic woods tend to look imposing and dramatic, whereas glass is a modern option. However, steer clear off glass if you have small children, as you will only end up cleaning finger marks off the surface every day!

Here are just some great ideas for you to consider when it comes to overall surfaces for your home. Each and everyone of us has different needs from the floor up so if you are going to upgrade your home its better to have options. What type of surfaces do you have in your home? Feel free to comment down below!

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