Monday, August 15, 2016

Travelling To America? Don't Forget These Important Things


America is a wonderful place to visit. With such diverse landscapes, climates and things to do, each different state is like a different holiday within itself. That probably explains why over half of Americans don’t own a passport- there’s so much to do just on American soil! However if you’re from outside the US and are planning a visit, there are a few things to consider first. Planning a trip to the US? Don’t forget these important things.
Phone Your Bank
Most banks don’t require you to tell them you’re travelling, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a quick ring beforehand. Transactions from abroad might get flagged as fraud leading to a block on your account. At least make sure your bank has your up to date contact details in case they need to verify anything while you’re away.
Get Your Visa Sorted
The 'Electronic System for Travel Authorization' (ESTA) is used to decide whether visitors are permitted to enter America. It was set up after the attacks on September 11th, in order to stop undesirable citizens of Visa Waiver Program countries from entering. It's a web based system, most people are granted access within a few seconds although it's recommended to get it all set up three days before you're due to fly. In order to travel to America, it’s absolutely essential to get your Visa through this system first so go to

Also one should not forget to check on travel warnings and alerts issued by the embassies. You can check out this great resource - Travel Warnings and Alerts so that you will be aware of the current events on your travel destinations.
Find The Right Travel Insurance
Make sure you choose your travel insurance well. It all depends what you’re going to be doing on your trip, for example things like Trek America and skiing holidays will require an additional level of cover. It’s important not to choose the cheapest you can find, instead look through everything really carefully and know exactly what you are covered for. Hopefully nothing happens while you’re away and everything runs smoothly, however you can’t just take that risk. If you do need to make a claim and aren’t properly covered, you could end up with huge medical bills and other expenses to pay
Get Your Vaccinations Up To Date
You won’t need any specific vaccinations when travelling to Northern America, however you should make sure your regular immunizations and boosters are all up to date.These include the vaccines required for occupational risk of exposure, lifestyle risk and underlying medical conditions. You don’t need a yellow fever certificate and the risk of diseases like malaria does not pose a problem, but ensuring you’re in good health with your own personal immunizations up to date is important.
Once all of the paperwork and boring stuff is out of the way, you’re free to do the fun stuff and start planning your trip! Whether you’re planning on winning the jackpot in Vegas, meeting Mickey Mouse in Orlando or lying on a tropical beach in Hawaii, America makes an awesome holiday destination. Have a fun filled and safe holiday.
Which state is your favorite place to go on holiday? Comment down below. xoxo, Therese
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