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Summer Backyard Projects To Brighten Up Your Garden

The summer is here. So it’s time for us to treat our gardens to a bit of a makeover. Here are some great ideas to start bringing some personality into your backyard this season.

Hanging Wall Garden With A Twist

Hanging gardens have been with us since ancient Babylon. But now it’s the perfect project for any DIY beginner. Most people will use wall baskets for their gardens. But why not replace traditional baskets with woolly pockets as a twist? What’s great about woolly pockets is that they retain their moisture. And so when you go away, you don’t have to worry so much about watering.

Making a hanging garden is easy. Buy some woolly pockets and some nails. Then find a wall where you’d like to have your garden. Pin the pockets to the wall in any arrangement you like. And then fill them with soil and plants of your choosing, just as you would regular baskets. Hey, Presto! You’re done.

Construct A Backyard Tipi

With the warm weather here for a while, many of us want to camp out. But with kids and pets running around the house, that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, we don’t have to go anywhere for a camping experience, as long as we have a garden. We can make our own arrangements.

One cool idea is to make your own backyard tipi. This design is inspired by Native Americans. And it’s super easy to construct. Take a look at these instructions.

Bee Nesting Block

The number of bees in the wild is on the decline. And so many conscientious gardeners are doing their bit to keep numbers high. One thing that helps is a so-called bee nesting block. Essentially, it’s a block of wood with some holes drilled into it. And they’re very simple to make, even from scratch.

The primary tool you’ll need is a chainsaw. If you don’t have one yet, you will find some great advice to help you choose the best electric or battery chainsaw here. Find a piece of untreated, either from a tree in your garden or a merchant. And, then cut it to about two feet in length and about a third of a foot wide. Once you’ve done that, start drilling holes using different size drill bits into the wood at regular intervals. Drill as many holes as you can, to attract as many bees as possible.

Arbor Bench

Arbor benches are the perfect summer getaway. Better than summer houses, some might say. And they’re surprisingly easy to construct. An arbor bench is a bench attached to an overhead structure. Usually, these structures are covered in vines, to provide shade. But you’re free to do whatever you want with your arbor bench. What’s more, installing the seating is easy once you’ve got the arbor structure in place. You just build it into the arbor frame. Check out this YouTube video for detailed instructions.

Beautiful Tool Hideaway

Tools are ugly. And having them out all the time makes your garden look a mess. But, alas, you need them to keep your backyard looking its best. So what should you do? One cool option is to make a sort of mailbox-type structure in which to keep them. Mailboxes look good next to doors. And so you could keep this particular “mailbox” next to your back door for convenient tool collection.

Making your own tool hideaway need not be all that complicated. All you need to do is find a wooden mailbox and modify it. Or it you’re confident with wood, make your own. Don’t forget to paint it to make it look bright and colorful in your garden.

Storage Bench

We’ve all heard of garden chests for storing our backyard paraphernalia. But what about storage benches? Building your own storage bench usually takes a couple of days. And it requires some moderate woodworking skills. But if you can get it right, you’ll be rewarded with something truly unique. One method is to take a wooden garden chest and graft a backrest onto it to make it into a seat. The other option is to make the whole structure from scratch using timber. DIYnetwork has a step-by-step guide on how to make your own storage bench. You’ll need to have a broad range of tools, including a nail gun, miter saw, hammer drill and so on.

Duck Run

More and more people are keeping backyard chickens and ducks. And that means that there’s a significant demand to build these adorable critters homes. Making a duck or chicken run is relatively easy, but there are some things you need to know. First off, make sure you choose the right gauge wire mesh, depending on the predators in your area. To fend off everything up to the size of a bear, you’ll need 2 mm mesh. Don’t use chicken wire, as this is not strong enough to protect birds from predators. Second, you’ll need to layer the floor of the run in a hygienic material. Don’t use pine shavings or straw, as this will quickly go bad. The best way to deal with excrement is to layer the floor with either pebbles or sand. The floor of the run can then be washed, and all the dirt flushed through the stone. Make sure that the stones you get are rounded so that they don’t damage the duck’s delicate feet.

Make A Path

You can make a great path in about two days. Why not have a path that runs from your patio or decking to your arbor bench? And why not have it wind and weave its way through flower beds and all your favorite shrubs? You can find step-by-step instructions on how to build a path from The Family Handyman.

Patchwork Patio

Speaking of patios, is you’re looking a little dull? Why not spice it up a bit by adding different color tiles? This is an affordable DIY project that anybody can do. You can swap out some of your old patio tiles for new ones. And then you can make your patio a little greener by building in cacti and other pot plants.

These are just some inspirations that you can try for your backyard. You can give it a try and make your space into a wonderful haven that you will enjoy. Whats your next backyard project? Comment down below!

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