Friday, August 26, 2016

Pregnant? Top Advice You Need To Cut The Cost On Items For Your New Baby!

Having a baby is an expensive time for a couple. You head out to the store and spend thousands of dollars on items for your newborn. But it can leave parents to be broke before the baby has arrived. In fact, the average couple spends over $2000 on their nursery set up! Here is some top advice to cut costs on items for your new baby, so that you aren’t broke before they even arrive.

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Make items yourself

I love making handmade items as it’s something unique that you won’t find in stores. Not only is it original, but it can also save you a lot of money. Therefore, why not make your baby some handmade clothes. A pair of handmade cute booties or hat will likely get even more compliments than clothing you buy from the baby store. You can also make them a handmade crochet jumper and bib. It will save you money and gives you something to do while waiting for the arrival. In addition to this, you could even make your baby’s toys! All you need is some boxes and wrapping paper to make a toy your infant will love. After all, some bright colors and textures will keep them more entertained than an expensive toy! Just make sure you avoid using anything which could put your child in danger!

Stick to essential items

You will be surprised to know that most parents to be buy items that they never end up using with their little one. They see something that looks amazing on the television or in magazines and purchase it. But in reality, it isn’t actually something you necessarily need for your baby. In the end, you will have items you have never used worth a lot of money in your nursery. Therefore, stick to essential items that you do need for your little one. The top items you should concentrate on purchasing for your newborn is baby cots, a changing unit, and a pushchair. That way, you will cut costs on non-essentials.

Go to sales and events

There are so many events on in your area for moms to be where you will find low-cost items that are essentials for your little one. You can look online to find the local events and pop along to find some great bargains. Also, look online to find out when stores have sales on. That way, you may end up getting a fantastic deal on an item which is now half the price!

Consider buying second-hand

An easy way to cut costs is to buy second-hand items for your little one. Ask around friends to find items they may have for sale that they used with their child. You might get a great item for a low price. You can also go to yard sales or look online on sites like eBay to find great second-hand items for your child. Just remember to avoid buying bedding and the car seat second-hand to keep your child safe.

Buy in bulk

You can save a lot of money by buying your little one a lot of items all at once. It will often lead to a great deal if you spend over a certain amount. Therefore, buy in bulk items that you know you will need a lot of such as diapers and formula. If you are buying online, it’s worth spending more so that you are entitled to free delivery. You can check in stores to see if they have any deals on if you spend over a certain amount. That way, you know how much to fill up the trolley to save money!

Sign up for product reviews and samples

If you are prepared to write some product reviews, you can often get some great free samples. You might try something which is good for your baby, so then you can go and buy more! As this feature explains, you can also get free samples if you are prepared to submit your email address. Unfortunately. it does mean you might get a ton of emails.

Create a baby gift list

Your family and friends are bound to be asking you for ideas of what they should be buying for the new baby. To ensure you get everything you need without breaking the bank, create a baby gift list you can send to family and friends. They then get ideas of what you would like for the little one, and it also saves you having to buy items!

Remember to go for items with double uses, so that you can save some money by not having to buy separate items.


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