Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hidden Holiday Secrets: The Glorious Land of Malaysia

With a world as huge and diverse as this one, it can often seem like we all cluster around the same places. The holiday snaps and Instagram uploads tend to look the same. Paris; Rome; Barcelona; beaches from a variety of countries. There's the occasional gap year flit to Thailand, but otherwise, the East is overlooked by the western traveler. It's a real shame, given how much it has to offer. We’re going to focus on Malaysia, because frankly, someone should be.
This at least is the case if you take the package holiday as offered by most package operators, but it doesn't need to define holidays. If you know where to go, you can find trips that educate, entertain and leave you so enthralled that you can't wait to return. The usual resorts may have things that they lack but look further afield. If you want a holiday that offers all the above, Malaysia is a real contender.

Mount Kinabalu
For the active holidaymaker, this is a destination that rewards your adventurous side. You don't need to be a mountaineer or have a team of Sherpas to help you climb it, but it is a good workout. Kinabalu is Malaysia's tallest mountain - it takes a few days to climb to the top. You can camp out and practice your smore cooking skills, all while enjoying truly spectacular views.
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
For anyone with an interest in nature, the Bird Park in Malaysia's capital has plenty to keep you interested. It is, in fact, the world's largest walk-in bird park. Covering nearly 21 acres, it is home to nearly 3000 birds of 200 different species. As well as local breeds, there are also rare, exotic birds and two separate free-flight zones. This allows you to see the birds in their most natural habitat.
Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
Located at Petaling Jaya, the Sunway Lagoon theme park is ideal for people who enjoy thrills and spills. Well, not too many spills, hopefully! With attractions for wildlife lovers and Asia's first Nickelodeon theme park, there are diverse joys for any kids you might be travelling with - and big kids at heart. And for the thrill-seekers, there's also the most adventurous water park in Malaysia. Along with the Extreme Park and Scream Park, there's enough to keep everyone amused.
Bukit Bintang
For everyone on holiday, there does come a time when you just want to hit the shops and enjoy the city life. If that's what you're after, Kuala Lumpur's main shopping district will serve admirably. Countless diverse malls cater to every interest, from fashion to food and from gadgets to gold. You'll want to use your time well so as to enjoy the restaurants in the evening, so be prepared for long days soaking up the wonders.
Making the most of your Malaysian holiday means thinking about what appeals to you as a family. Put together your itinerary and you'll find there's something here for everyone.
xoxo, Therese


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