Wednesday, July 6, 2016

6 Signs You Should Invest In Some DIY

DIY can be hard work, and it's not cheap either, so it's easy to put it off. If you've been ignoring the things that need doing around the house, maybe it's not the time to seize the day and get the house the way it should be.

You saw your wallpaper on a sitcom rerun.

You're happily watching TV, sitting there minding your own business. Laughing in all the right places, when the camera angle changes and suddenly you can see your wallpaper! Urgh! This sitcom is 15 years old, and it makes you realize that maybe it's time for a change. Head to and pick out some new wall decoration asap!

People comment on how retro your bathroom is.

Has the younger generation in your life has started to comment on how cool it is that you have an awesome avocado green bathroom? Then you might want to consider a new suite. Retro is only okay if it's deliberate. If you don't mean for it to look like that, get a nice clean white shiny bathroom suit with simple lines. It's time to drag yourself into the 21st century. If you have plumbing issues to sort, check out before you install the suite.

Your shelves are just a plank of wood

Have you got so much stuff, that as a temporary option,  you made some shelves out of a plank of wood and some breeze blocks, like when you were in college? How ingenious of you, I respect your Macgyver-like skills, but let's face it, it's time to get some proper storage. Jump on your lap top and get yourself to If you can't find the right storage option there, then there is no hope for you.

Your carpet look like it has alopecia

Now alopecia is nothing to be laughed at; it's a tough disease. But if your carpet it suffering from it, then there is only one course of treatment I recommend. It's time to pull it up and start again. You can lay the carpet yourself or get a pro to do it for you, which will probably be quicker. Whatever you do make sure to get a soft, bouncy underlay, to put an added spring in your step.

Your windows look like a set piece from Dickensian London.

Are your windows a bit wonky? Do they have a little mildew? Do they look like they should have a Dickensian orphan gazing out of them? Try first giving them a good clean with vinegar. If that doesn't help, then why not treat yourself to some more modern double or triple glazed windows or even a skylight? Remember if you're going to install a skylight yourself make sure that you research it thoroughly beforehand.

Your teenager thinks they are at a steampunk convention

Your teenager may love the steampunk look of having lots of exposed pipes around the house, but they are unsightly and can be dangerous. Make sure to lead them with foam and then cover them over whether possible. You can box them in with this style of enclosure and then paint it the same color as the walls.

If you checked any of the mentioned facts above, you might want to consider updating your home. What are the things you want to update in your home? Comment down below.


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