Tuesday, July 26, 2016

10 Awesome Presents For Your BFF's Birthday

So your best friend’s birthday is just around the corner. Still not sure what to buy her? No problem! Here are ten awesome ideas that can hopefully fill you with inspiration!

1. Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and your BFF will love opening a new ring or bracelet on her birthday! After all, us girls can’t resist anything that sparkles. If you aren’t sure where to find the perfect jewel, take a look at this great Blue Nile Review from YDG.

2. Spa Day
The best thing about giving your friend a spa day for her birthday is that you get to go as well! You can both enjoy the day relaxing in a sauna and sipping champagne cocktails. It’s an excellent day to forget about everyday stresses and worries.

3. Flowers

A tried and tested gift, flowers are a guaranteed present to put a smile on your friend’s face! If you know what her favorite type is, find a bouquet of them. Not too sure which flowers she like? Simply speak to your local florist and discuss your option.

4. Gift Vouchers

If you are really stuck for ideas, just buy your BFF some gift vouchers for her favorite store. Whether she loves clothes shopping or record shopping, you’ll certainly be able to find some vouchers to help fuel her habit!

5. Meal Out

Why not take the two of you to your favorite restaurant? It’ll give you chance to have a catch-up while enjoying some delicious food and wine. Afterwards, head out for a few cocktails in your favorite bar!

6. Photo Collage

If you fancy getting creative to celebrate your mate’s birthday, you could create a photo collage. Rummage through all the pictures you have of the two of you together. Pick out the ones that make you laugh and giggle, and create a collage out of them. Your friend could hang the masterpiece on her wall.

7. A Box Set
Is your friend in love with one of the latest TV shows? Does she spend hours binging on Netflix? If so, think about treating her to a DVD box set. Then she can watch her show whenever and where she wants. And she doesn’t have to worry about Netflix taking it down!

8. Designer Bag
Every lady has dreamt about owning her very own designer handbag. So why not treat your BFF to her dream gift? If you can’t afford one, tell your friend that you will give her some money towards it. That way, she’s getting closer to owning her perfect bag!

9. Cooking Class

If your friend considers herself a bit of a foodie, she’ll love going to a cooking class. If you know what her favorite cuisine is, see if you can find a class in it in your local area. Once she’s been on the class, get her to cook you a tasty dish!

10. Manicure

Does your friend love getting her nails done? Then treat her to a manicure! She can get all glammed up ready for her birthday celebrations!

With this ten lovely ideas you can easily find a suitable gift for your BFF! Whats your personal favorite? Comment down below!

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