Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why Installing Solar Panels Is The Best Home Improvement Project Ever!

When it comes to home improvement, there is no better project than installing solar panels. Solar panels might not rank very highly on the to-do list, but they will soon. For most people, they are a luxury that you can’t afford. Thanks to the myths, you probably think that they are not worth the time or money. That is a mistake because they are one of the best investments ever, and here’s why.


The first thing to address is the money situation. Do you think that they are too expensive to buy? Lots of people do, and it is for good reason. There is no doubt that the initial cost is quite steep. However, instead of letting that put you off, look past the price tag. When you delve deeper, you will see that they save you money. Almost every house that has panels benefits from a financial standpoint. Why? They benefit because of the ‘net metering’ system. Net metering is where you sell your excess energy back to the energy companies. Over time, it is a lucrative arrangement that will make you a lot of money.

Cuts Energy Bills

Because you use the energy from the sun, you don’t need to bother with burning energy any longer. In fact, you can power your entire house with a handful of panels on your roof. Before long, you won’t have any energy bills to speak of because you utilize UV rays instead of fossil fuels. It isn’t uncommon for households with solar energy to pay tens of dollars instead of thousands of dollars a year. There aren’t too many homeowners that can afford to let that kind of saving go by the wayside. Just make sure you use a professional to install the units first. You don’t want them to malfunction due to faulty installation.

Saves Money On Tax

‘Surely solar panels won’t cut my tax bill?’ Yes they will, and it is all thanks to the economic crash of 2008. During that time, the government introduced the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. In that bill, they introduced measures that will see a national grant subsidize tax dollars until the end of 2016. So, how does it work? In simple terms, you can benefit from solar tax credits as long as you have a tax liability. Plus, you have to buy your panels without the use of a third-party agency. To find out more, click on the link above. There aren’t too many home improvement ideas that will cut your tax bill!

Boost The Value Of Your Home

Now that everyone is catching on to the benefits, a house with solar panels is ideal. What was once a turn off is a major turn on. In fact, the cost of your house will rise if you are willing to sell the panels along with the rest of the property. Anyone looking to add value to their house will hit the nail on the head with solar panels.

So, what are you waiting for now you know the benefits?

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