Monday, June 6, 2016

Making An Idyllic Creative Working Space In Your Home

For standard working, be that at a computer or constantly making phone calls, you need a work space that will help you focus. But what about if the work you are doing is creative? Maybe you are an author, writing a best-selling novel. Maybe you love to handmade your own dresses and dream of being a fashion designer. Perhaps you are an artist, or a musician, or a jewelry designer.

Whatever your craft is, how can you create a working space to inspire and support you at home? Read on to find out why.

A comfortable seat

This is a necessity whatever you are doing, whether it’s a creative pursuit or not. You will not be able to focus sufficiently if you are constantly shuffling about. You will also make your back sore, and may hunch up your shoulders and crane your neck. This can not just lead to discomfort; it can lead to health problems and issues with your posture. Instead, your chair or seat should be comfortable and supportive.

The correct equipment

If you are only going to use an item a couple of times a month, there isn’t much point in spending a lot of money on it. However, if you have a tool or item that is imperative to the success of your creativity, it is worth investing in it. If you are a writer, a reliable laptop, like a Macbook, may be sensible. If you regularly need the use of a sewing machine, a Janome 9400, with all of its functions, may be a wise investment. Consider if you need a new item, or an upgrade, that will help you take your skills and output to the next level.


Good light, and good sound

Good lighting is imperative to many different creative pursuits. If you’re not getting enough from your windows, ensure that your lighting solutions are sufficient. You may also want to consider using a light box to keep your Vitamin D levels up.

In term of good sounds, this is all about whatever is a good sound to you. Maybe you are inspired by bird song? Then work in the mornings and open the windows! Maybe you like to listen to music? Then get a good quality pair of speakers, and make some playlists that help you focus and your work thrive. Alternatively, it could be that you need peace and quiet. If this is the case, consider how you can get it. Would installing double or triple glazing be a good, long-term investment? Would making your schedule so you can do your creative work when others are out of the house and the environment is more quiet?


Make an inspiration wall

While too many things on the wall can be distracting for office work, they can really help with creative inspiration and insight. Create an inspiration wall in your work space. It could be a combination of beautiful images; postcards, travel brochure cuttings, song lyrics. It could just focus on your medium. A novelist might have a wall filled with quotes from their favorite novels, and images of things they are describing in their current book. 

Here are just some ideas to make a creative space for your home. I hope you can apply it on your next home DIY project. What are the things that you are interested in? Feel free to comment down below!

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