Thursday, June 9, 2016

Easy Ways To Keep Your Children Cool At Home In Summer

Summer is a great time of the year as your kids can play outdoors in the garden. But it can also be hard as your kids get hot in the sun which could lead to them getting ill if they overheat. Here is how you can keep your children cool at home in the summer.

Dress them appropriately

You need to ensure that your children are kept cool in the summer by dressing them appropriately for the weather. There is no point putting them in layers when it’s hot. Put them in loose fitting and light clothes which will stop them from overheating. Remember to choose lighter colors so they stay cool in the sun. Choose a good hat for them so that you can protect them from getting burnt in the sun. You should also ensure you put sun lotion on your child if more of their skin is out.

Get AC installed

Another way to keep your home cool in the summer months for your kids is to consider getting air conditioning installed in your home. It will mean that you can keep the home cool for your kids. Look into companies in the area who will come and install it for you. Check on their sites such as see for all the info about how much it would be. Get a couple of quotes so you can find the cheapest one for you. It might be worth it in the long run as you won’t have to worry about your little ones overheating in the house.

Lower your blinds

You can also keep your children cool in the summer by ensuring the blinds are lowered in the home. As discussed here, it can save up to seven percent on your bills, and it can reduce temperatures inside your home by up to 20 degrees. Therefore, it saves you having to fork out for air con. Switch curtains in your kid’s bedrooms to lighter blinds as well, to keep your children’s rooms cool in the summer months.

Make sure they stay in shade

Another easy way to keep your children cool at home during the summer months is to ensure they are sitting in the shade while you are outside. If they play out in the sun, they will get hot easy and will end up being at risk of getting burnt or even getting heat stroke. Therefore, make a shaded area in the garden to ensure they keep cool.

Keep them hydrated

You should also ensure you are keeping them hydrated, so they keep cool in the sun. Make sure they drink water every hour while they are at home. You might want to get the ice out to ensure the drinks stay cool.

Get a paddling pool

Another way you can keep your children cool at home during the summer months is to get them a paddling pool. A dip in there will help them to cool off in the heat. You don’t have to spend a fortune as there are many small cheap ones you can get for your garden.

Remember to make your children have regular baths or showers to keep cool during the summer months.

What ways do you do to keep your child cool in the summer? Comment down below!

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