Friday, June 17, 2016

Business Matters: Capitalism Meets Humanity

Business Matters, a television program that addresses the issues of corporate stewardship, responsibility, and social justice in the business world of the Philippines has just aired it's inaugural show on Bloomberg TV PH.
It is important to  understand the narrative of this program and to identify it's key points of discussion. One can point to countless Saturday morning talk shows that discuss business, stocks, investments and similar issues.

Business Matters is not cut from the same cloth. It addresses issues that would normally be ignored or pushed to the back burner by the mainstream media. Issues  that are of paramount importance in the Philippines such as poverty, water resources, and jobs are finally tackled.

Looking at life in the Philippines it can seem bleak at times. But this show opens the eyes of the viewers and shows not only what is wrong, but more importantly what is working in a country of 100 million people.

Being solutions driven, Business Matters looks at things such as women entrepreneurs that have faced and overcome adversity and poverty to become successful in their own right. Looking at how new and existing corporations and small businesses can forge ahead in areas including sustainable practices which impact the lives of every Filipino.

Business Matters does not focus on how to "get rich quick" or other frivolous and trivial aspects of the business world. Instead, they look at how we can continue to improve our country and world through real and committed changes deep seated in the belief that everyone deserves a better life and a quality life. 

Hope and change are not just buzzwords that they use. They are the real stories of countless men and women from all walks of life that yearn for a better and brighter tomorrow. I highly recommend taking a detour from the same self interest serving financial news shows and check out Business Matters, the show that takes on the hard hitting and meaningful business topics of today and tomorrow.

Catch Business Matters on Bloomberg TV Philippines, on Cignal Ch. 127 (HD) and Ch. 8 (SD), every Saturday from 9:30 to 10pm, with replays on Sunday 12mn-12:30pm, Monday 9-9:30am, and Tuesday 9:30-10pm. Powered by Cignal TV’s nation-wide reach, Bloomberg TV PH brings Filipinos the hottest 24-hour news, business trends,and insights today

Do you want to be a business owner or an entrepreneur? What are the kind of advocacy do you want to support? Feel free to comment down below!

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