Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Guide To Making Your Home Your Safe Haven

All homeowners want their homes to be their safe haven. Somewhere they can go when they are tired, feeling low, or simply want to kick back and relax. Nowhere should feel safer than your own home! In this post you’ll find helpful tips on making sure your home is your safe haven. Enjoy!

Child And Pet Proof It

If you have children or pets, then making sure your home is safe for them is an absolute must. You can cover corners, tidy wires, and do many other things to ensure your children and pets are as safe as possible in the house. It’s a good idea to get down to their level and assess hazards that way too.

Control The Temperature

Control the temperature in your home to make sure it’s just right for you. Instead of heating the whole home, why not only heat the rooms you frequently use to make it more efficient? You can even have the heating set to automatic, so it’s not on when you’re out at all, but comes on right before you get home. This can even save you money, as you’re not messing with the controls all the time either!


Make Sure It Suits Your Lifestyle And Personality

Your home needs to suit your lifestyle and personality, or it isn’t much of a safe haven at all. If you enjoy spending a lot of time at home, then make sure you have comfortable seating and areas to do the things you love, e.g. a reading nook. Make sure you include the colors and patterns you love the most too. In many respects, your home should feel like an extension of you, and your guests should be able to learn a little about you when they enter!

Make Sure It’s Practical

Not only should your home suit your personality and tastes, it should also be practical. If you always have your friends over, you’ll need lots of seating to accommodate them and make sure they are comfortable.


Keep An Eye On Repairs

Don’t put off repairs for so long that they get out of hand. Keep a close eye on them and have them fixed as soon as humanly possible so you can save money and get back to normal life. If you leave something too long, you’ll always spend a lot of money having it fixed, and it can take longer too. Let’s take the roof as an example. If you leave repairs there for too long, not only will it affect your curb appeal, but the safety of your home too. Ridge Top exteriors are a good example of a company to speak to in these instances.

Keep It Clean And Tidy

Keeping your home clean and tidy isn’t too difficult, and it doesn’t cost much either. Try introducing principles, for example, before taking something new in, take something old out. Keep on top of chores and things that you don’t use anymore. You’ll have a much better time in your home because of this!

Have Windows And Doors Reinforced

Having strong windows and doors will make you feel much better about your home, whatever sort of area you live in. The locks on them should be sturdy and high quality too. Having things like this will allow you to sleep better at night.

These are just some of the ways to keep your home your safe haven. What do you do to make your home safer? Comment below.

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  1. I am very good at making my home my safe haven. All I need is my comfy bed, a broiler, a fridge/freezer & my WiFi (+ computer) hahaha! And I am good to go! Oh and I need to know that a GYM is near by! ;)