Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why You Should Ensure Your House Is Always Sellable: And How To Do It

You may have just moved into the home or apartment of your dreams. You may have trawled through lists of beautiful homes and researched the area to make sure it suits your needs. A house move can be exciting but it is nearly always stressful. So why would you want to prepare to sell again? But ensuring that your house is of sellable quality is not about selling on the spot. Rather, it is a wise and forward-thinking move that ensures future peace of mind and financially security. 

Many couples, families and individuals may find one day that they urgently need to sell. Not only is there then the mad rush of trying to find a suitable home that is also within their price range. There is the added expense and disruption of trying to repair the house. A house that has structural problems, damp, or dated decor will not sell as quickly as one in great shape. It may also affect the initial valuation. If you can afford to wait around while your house is prepared for the market, then these things aren’t too worrying. But for most people, they need that extra space in a new house now. Or they need to be closer to their new job or a better school.

Even if you have no intention of selling your house any time soon, ensuring that it is always up to sellable scratch is financially wise. Below are the areas to focus on that rapidly fall into disrepair.

Improve The Garden

A well-kept garden can instantly boost the visual appeal of your home. But research shows that it boosts that valuation too. It is very common to allow the garden to become overgrown or to use it largely for storage. But maintaining the lawn, patio, and adding fresh flowers makes it easier for a buyer to visualize lazy afternoons there. It also means that we can enjoy it ourselves too. A neighborhood barbecue or garden party is a great way to make new friends if you’ve just moved in.

Maintain The Front

First impressions are important in all aspects of life. But when it comes to buying a home, that initial first look at the house can be make or break. Ensure that fencing is well-maintained, the drive isn’t cracked, and that the front door is freshly painted from time to time. Your aim is to give the house instant curb-side appeal. The neighbors, and potential buyers, won’t be able to keep their eyes off it.

Address Damp

Damp can cause catastrophic problems to the structure and foundation of our house. It can affect the walls, ceiling, and even damage the furniture. Good ventilation is essential as well as ensuring problem areas are insulated. The basement and attic can let in a lot of air and moisture, so it is worth having them assessed. It may seem like a dull renovation when compared to more glamorous things. But it is undoubtedly the one that will save us the most money in the long-term.

Preparing your home for to be sold again will not lessen the burden of updating it but also you will be able to live in a great looking home that you know everyone will enjoy! Do you guys have any suggestions in how to prepare your home for future selling? Share it in the comments below!

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