Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How To Give Your Home Decor More Character

Giving your home decor more character is a good way to perk up your home and make it feel like yours. Neutral decor can look amazing, but it isn’t always the most exciting or fun decor you can create. By using your imagination and the tips in this post, you can instantly add more character to your home.

Make Your Own Fun Feature Wall

I’m a big believer in feature walls in the home. It amazes me that more homes don’t make the most of them! A feature wall is basically a wall in a room that becomes a focal point. It makes a room look more interesting and instantly gives more character. You can do it so many ways, so whether you want something simple or you actually want a painter to do it for you, you can! You can paint it a different color, put up artwork, or even use wallpaper. Hey, if you’re an artist, get your brushes out and paint a mural. There are not rules, which is why feature walls are so much fun.

Put Up Pictures And Art You Love

Choose some pictures and pieces of art that you absolutely love and put them up. They don’t have to be originals - copies can look great, and even artwork from unknown artists. This is all about showing off your tastes and the things that you like. Art looks amazing in just about any room. It can look great over the head of the bed, in the hall, over your sofa - anywhere! Showing off pictures of your loved ones shows that the house is yours.

Include Favorite Colors And Patterns

Colors and patterns that you love can be energizing and make you feel happier. Don’t be afraid to include those either. There are no rules to how you want to decorate your home. If you want to decorate your living room with 12 different shades of green, then you can do that. If you want a bright red bedroom, although experts would advise against it, then go for it.


Don’t Forget To Add Flowers And Plants

Adding flowers and plants to your decor not only adds life and perks the place up, it freshens the air too. Plants serve purposes for health as well as vanity in the home!

Note The Importance Of Texture

Texture is one of the most important things in your home, so don’t neglect to include it in any way you can. You could do this with a wooden mantle range hood, furry pillows, a fluffy throw...there are so many options. Whatever you do, don’t let your home look cold and uninviting.

Focus On Small Accessories Too

Small accessories make a big difference, so make sure you focus on them too. Something as small as a lampshade can give your room a new look.

Hopefully this guide has helped you make a plan to add more character to your home. It really isn’t difficult to do, and doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.

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