Thursday, April 21, 2016

Saving Money the Easy Way

Most of us work a full time job. Doing our best to earn that cash to sustain our living expenses. But just having a job doesn't assure you that you will have savings for emergencies in the future. Your hard earned money normally just ends up covering all food, healthcare, utilities, mortgage, credit card bills, car payments and insurance. Having all this necessities covered is hard on its own. In this situation cash advance or even a maxed credit card is not a new thing.

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Some individuals have 2 or even 3 jobs just to be able to cover their living expenses. But even how many jobs you might have if you don't save you will not be able to have money to have that nice trip that you always wanted for yourself or your loved ones, buy that designer bag of your dreams or have extra funds for emergency.

Here are some tips on how you can save money.

Tip 1
Learn how to budget and stick to it. This is a common mistake for a lot of individuals. With all the bills you need to pay you have a fixed amount for each necessity and learn how to maximize that amount of money. Overspending on unnecessary items will not just drain your savings but can also put you in debt.

Tip 2
Clear off any credit card debt. Not having debt will not only make your life easier but it will also improve your credit score. Unavoidable payments that is automatically tacked on to your card should be cleared as soon as you can. Imagine all that interest payments you can save in the long run!

Tip 3 
Pay in cash whenever you can. Avoiding all those transaction fees via card payments helps. With all the card payments you need to do you don't need any more additional transactions there.

Tip 4
Stop upgrading gadgets. Just keeping in trend with the latest gadget will not do you any good. You just need to take care of what you currently own and you can just pocket that extra cash that you will be spending on that new phone or camera when you still have one in good working condition.

There are a lot of ways to save cash and here are just some of them. How do you save money? Do you use any specific method that you use? Share them in the comments below! Happy saving!


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