Friday, April 29, 2016

Get Your Craft On: 4 Creative Hobbies for Complete Beginners


Some people believe that being creative is a gift. They believe that you either have that gift, or you don’t. This is not true. Creativity is something that is available to everyone. It is achieved by getting involved in creative pursuits. Another misconception is that to be creative, you have to be artistically gifted. Again, this is not true. Anyone can be creative. And creativity is not limited to artists and designers.

Many of us have jobs that are a means to an end. And while they pay the bills, they don’t feed us in other ways. Part of us yearns to do something different, like making something. Even if you’re a complete novice, there are lots of hobbies you can get into that will tap into your creativity.


1. Coloring

You may have heard of the rise of adult coloring books in the last couple of years. They have become hugely popular all over the world. Adults who remember the joys of coloring as children have fallen in love with it all over again. A range of books is now available tailored to the adult market.

If you’re looking to get into a hobby that involves color and art, this is a great place to start. Coloring is a mindful activity. It focuses your mind on the task at hand, and allows you to appreciate the present moment. It can also take your mind off everyday worries.


2. Sewing

Sewing is another creative pastime. It combines having an eye for detail with technical precision. Again, this can all be learned through practice. If you’re not keen on hand sewing, look for the best sewing machine for beginners and give that a go. There are lots of ideas, examples, and tutorials online. The internet  is a never-ending source of inspiration.


3. Learn a Musical Instrument

There are many reasons to learn a musical instrument. It accesses lots of different areas of the brain all of the same time, keeping us sharp and focused. It’s like a full brain workout. It can help with memory capacity, organization, concentration, and more. All of the skills required to play a musical instrument can be learned.


4. Paper Crafts

There are countless paper crafts that are easy to pick up and require few tools. From origami to watercolor calligraphy, there’s something to suit everyone.

Art journaling is something that has grown significantly over the last few years. It involves keeping a visual journal. The beauty of this hobby is that you need no prior skills or expertise. Anything goes. Many people begin by collecting quotes and presenting them in interesting ways. Or, they write snippets about their day. If you don’t like to draw or paint, you can decorate your journal with cuttings from magazines or newspapers. Or you can save ticket stubs and other mementos. As you become more confident, you can bring in new and interesting techniques. There is no end of inspiration for art journalers online.

All of these hobbies or ‘crafts’ have numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. They will help you relax and be more mindful. They will help you be better at your job. They may even help you to be a better communicator. But let’s not forget that they are also important in their own right. Sometimes we can overthink things. The best reason to start any hobby is because it’s fun.

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