Sunday, January 17, 2016

Travel Bucket List (International) Part 1

So Im here again to make another list. Oh yes! Since im such in a good writing mood i will share with you guys my dream travel destination and why i always wanted to visit them.

I love to travel and since i was a kid me and my parents love to go places during the weekend to do some sight seeing and do some swimming even we are in a budget. My mom is my biggest influence to travel, even if its just in the metro she makes sure that i will be able to visit many places. That i would be able to experience and enjoy even in a tight budget.

Now that Im older and married, I still enjoy travelling as one of my pleasures in life. Im blessed that i am married to such a wonderful and supportive husband that enjoys travel as well.

The key factors influencing me in choosing a place are the following

  • Historical value- Im not a geek or anything but visiting ancient places or with any historical value is very enriching to my mind and soul. The experience going there and being able to visit the place even once in your life is different.
  • Food/ Cuisines- of course! i love food and im proud of it. There are so many different
  • Animals- Just because i really love animals

These are just some of the places that i always dreamed of visiting and I know in the near future i would be able to visit them

1. Greece- since i was a kid i always dreamed about visiting this country and see the great temples and learn more about gods and goddesses, Im such a sucker when it comes to Greek mythology and history. I also heard that they have delicious cuisines too! The landscape is just amazing too!

2. Egypt- The 3 pyramids and the endless desert. A place filled with artifacts and history and mummies. i have been fascinated with Egypt's long line of pharaohs, their riches, the history and their gods and goddesses that stand out among the others and also hieroglyphics that is very unique to ancient egypt.

3. Great Britain- my top destination here is the British museum due to the number of artifacts that they have there pertaining to ancient Egypt. Other than that i would like to visit the palaces that was constructed thousands of years ago by the conflicting monarchs.

4. USA- Other than being my husbands home country. Im going there for the FOOD! nothing better than that! and the cruises and the buffets and the main tourist attractions of course like Disneyland.

5. Africa- Well i love animals so much and i want to see them wild and free in an African Safari. So this is included in my bucket list.
6. India- It might not be the cleanest place to be. But hey the food, the scene and the culture is awesome plus the very colorful vibe and outfit!
This is just part one of my list and i have at least 18 more countries on my list! i just dont want this to be way too long. check out the continuation of  my travel list below

Part 2 (soon)
Part 3 (soon)

Whats in your international travel bucket list? share it in the comment section below!



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