Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 Goals
Hello everyone! Its been quite a few weeks since I posted here but anyway Im back writing again!

I actually miss posting here since there has been a whirlwind of events recent. I will be more active this 2016 and with that being said i want to share my goals this year (and some of the upcoming travels i will be doing)

2016 GOALS

  • publish at least 3 blog post a week
  • be more active on my social media pages
  • make more arts and crafts tutorials-  i was able to score an arts and crafts related position at my husbands school. after some demos and planning they already approved it! YAY! (more money to save)
  • purchase land by 2016-2017- since we plan to raise our family in the Philippines having a land to build our dream home is really important for our future family. renting is just too expensive and very unpredictable since i personally been in that situation. so having a patch of land somewhere gives us the security that we need. 
  • Travel more! - With this being said i want to let you all know that next month, February 8-12 we will be spending our spring break in Beijing! we already have our hotel, flight and tour booked and paid for! Im really excited since I always wanted to visit the forbidden city and many more tourist spots. and by July me and my husband will be coming home to the Philippines to visit my family. We dont have the exact dates yet but im pretty sure our schedule is filled with travel and food places to visit.
  • Shed some pounds- oh well just being at home sometimes takes the toll on me so i need to lose some weight. Well you cant blame me, my husband cooks amazing dishes and so do I. Its been always a struggle. Plus add on the restaurants and street carts that supplies us with authentic and delicious Chinese dishes.

so thats it i just want to share this here so that i will not forget it.
What is in your 2016 list? i want to know and feel free to share it below! Have a great day to all!


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