Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Wedding: The Preparation

The big day! And its time to prepare everything. Since we are getting married in my parochial church where my parents got married, i got baptized there as a baby, 1st communion, and I was also confirmed there in the end we decided to get married at Holy Family Parish. And since Marikina is just a small city there are really few places to choose from from hotels to venues. We decided to just rent a room in Marikina hotel for the wedding preparation since the reception will be in Marikina Convention Center (just beside the hotel itself and it kinda makes sense)  and its the only place that i know that can accommodate the number of guests that we invited and its air-conditioned and just around a 10 min drive to the church.

I just wanted to share some of our special moments during preparation.

PS: all photos are from the official wedding photographer

makeup by Map Artistry
check out my post about it HERE



well me and my husband are very practical
and we dont spend so much money in un-necessary things

here are some more shots during prep time 


since we are all prepped and ready to go to the church others headed out while me and my family stayed for a short photo session while im going out of the hotel. and that will be on another post since there are a lot of photos :)

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