Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feature: Disney on Ice, Dare to Dream Experience With Videos

hi everyone! this should have been posted 1st week of January but i never had the time. i have been super busy and there has been a whirlwind of responsibilities i have to do. plus i have a freaking job that just recently asked me to change my schedule.. ughh...

well enough with that. Let me just share to you some photos and videos! im using 2 cameras at the same time my canon powershot SX210 IS and Sony DSC-H200 and im holding one with each hand ...and let me tell you my arms are soooo tired! im pretty far from the skating rink and im seated at upper box ( just a few rows away from general admission! 

so i hope you guys enjoy the photos and videos i have as well i apologize for the poor quality. (im not an expert and im seated way too far) 

so this is how i see things from afar 

 they almost look like polly pocket dolls from where im at

to start it off here is the opening number from Princess Tiana and Prince Levine form the movie the princess and the frog. i love disney movies and im happy they included this on their line up as an opening number!

and a video of their performance too!
 im sorry for the poor quality i used my old canon camera and 
im holding the sony one taking pics at the same time

next performance is from snow white and the seven dwarfs 

one of the performances :)

Next up Cinderella!


That lift :D im so happy i was able to capture this photo <3

you can also watch their performance on the video below

So this is Love?
sorry for the out of frame moments (im holding 2 cameras) and kindly stop at 2 minutes 
since i didnt realized that the camera was still on. thanks!

the royal guards performance

bibbidy bobidy boo? (if i spelled that correctly)

and the next Disney princess is Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from the movie Tangled!

and he was brought down in harness. its was really cool!

"Who are you and how did you find me???"

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

Flynn and Rapunzel

and my favorite scene from the whole performance!

sorry for the poor quality
its not my cameras fault that the spotlight is just too bright.

Experience :

This is the very first time that i watched Disney on Ice and im really impressed! There are a lot of kids and kids at heart in the event and i cant help but to be in awe with the costumes and the production! the props are really well built. The performances are really fun to watch and makes you want to watch the movies again and again! I cant stress how skilled and creative their  performances are and also with all that costume change thats serious business! I feel like a 7 year old watching them! i cant help but adore the performances and im sure that i will watch it again next year!

so thats it for this post! if you want to see more photos you can comment here and i will post it on my facebook page! 

til my next blog post!


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