Tuesday, October 1, 2013

EVENT: Max Factor at the BDJ BOX Beauty Social

hey everyone :) how is your week going so far? well i had a fun weekend because of the BDJ BOX Beauty Social event! and on top of that i was soooo blessed that i got selected for  the MAX FACTOR MAKEUP WORKSHOP! yay! im so overwhelmed because im not a make up artist and learning from them is a step forward towards beauty.

so i arrived at the venue a few minutes before we start :) i registered and head on straight to their booth :)
its really nice that the instructor is very patient with us because not everyone of us is used in applying makeup :) im with the 1st batch of the winning girls (yay!) 11-12 makeup workshop slot is what i got.

us during the workshop busy prettifying our faces with the help of our pretty makeup artist <3

we used the Max Factor CC cream! its the 1st time that i was able to try it and I LOVE IT! its really nice that its very light compared to my usual foundation and it really blends well with my skin and its saves me some time in applying concealer! i also used their loose powder <3 i also used their Color Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Subtle Coral,.,they provided all the things we needed to do our look..including eyeshadows, cream blush, eyeliners, and mascaras and other tools <3

im not really good with makeup but as you can see i just look so natural with these products

free key chain for the participants of the workshop
and photos of my invite that is stamped and the Max Factor booth

after the makeup workshop i just grabbed something to eat and roam around the event til  my 1st talk "Max Factor's how do i look" and Mr Bobby Carlos is the speaker :) i  got a seat at the back :) it was really a nice talk and very light and informative too! the do's and don'ts, the difference of CC cream from BB cream., i really like it that he advised the girls to use our fingertips instead of the brush because most of the makeup stays in the brush and the natural heat of our skin blends makeup really well <3  and i forgot to say that before that they picked 3 girls to talk about our experience on cc cream,., and i was one of those three girls :D yay <3

here are some of the photos during the touch up before the talk

the host of the event Ms. Tracy Abad and 
Mr. Bobby Carlos,National makeup artist of Max Factor Philippines
(top right)me and the other 2 girls sharing our experience on the CC cream 

as what they say Max factor is the makeup of makeup artists, and with the help of their booth, a lot of bellas become their own makeup artist! and what they thought us will be applied when we all do makeup for sure!
thank you Max Factor for sharing us your makeup and teaching us during the event! i personally had a lot of fun during the event and nice seeing Mr. Bobby Carlos for the second time!

kindly visit their facebook pages:
(click the names and they will send you to their pages)

Max Factor Philippines
Bobby Carlos for Max Factor

i hope you guys had fun at the BDJ BOX Beauty Social event too!

what booths have you guys visited?
and which one is your favorite?
i wanna see your comments below :)
Have a great day everyone :*

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  1. Wow! Lucky girl! I hope you had a great time at BDJ Makeup workshop. You can visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other. Let me know. Keep in touch dear! xoxo, Lhen :)