Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Newspaper Dress

hi there! its me again,.,happy Sunday from the tropical country Philippines. i just wanna share to you this Newspaper dress that i made for a contest, its a pre-Earth Day contest that joined in and Inquirer Libre launched that contest online., they asked their Facebook fans to be creative and recycle their free newspaper  ,., so then being a crafter automatically i had this idea of making a dress made out of newspaper, (its crazy because i don't have a single newsprint at home and getting the free paper is such an adventure) well anyway so i made everything purely from newspaper <3 and this is what it looked like

Newspaper Skirt
i figured out that i can never ever make a dress unless its just like a tube type,., which sucks

and a Blouse
its tucked in when i wore it 

a clutch bag

a belt

a necklace and a pair of earrings

and this what it looked like when i wore everything together 
(sorry for the back ground and lighting it makes me look dark well im not 
we dont have a very pretty house too so pardon that)

 and there you have its so i hope you get some idea out of this :) 

and by the way i won a loot bag for this entry of mine,.,(n_n) yay! any questions on how i did this i'd be happy to help you out guys :)

i hope you guys enjoy my post  and thanks for reading :)
comments are loved <3

happy crafting guys!

love lots,
Therese <3 
9 comments on "My Newspaper Dress"
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  2. amazing!!
    you are so talented!
    love the result

    1. Wow <3 thanks poldo :) i'll post more of the things i make more often :)

  3. Wow, you really took time on those pieces. It's like you're wearing a dress. Cool. :)

  4. Wow, you really took time on those pieces. It's like you're wearing a dress. Cool. :)

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