Wednesday, May 22, 2019

4 Things To Do When You've Lost an Important Document Abroad

Let's face it; the reality is that no matter how responsible or careful you think you are, there's always a possibility to lose your documents or have them stolen. Now, if you are at home, then you can sort it out fairly simply. But, what if you are not at home?

What if you are on vacation in a different country?

If you are planning a trip abroad, then you should know what to do in the event your
personal documents go missing. Don't get caught unprepared- here's a list of 4 things
you should do.

1. Be Quick

Now is not the time to sit around complaining or feeling sorry for yourself. As soon as you realize that you are missing some important documents like your passport or even stolen health card, it would be best if you acted fast. If you are confident that the documents have been stolen or lost, then you need to write down a list of all the papers or documents that are gone. If you suspect that they are lost instead of stolen then retrace your steps.

2. Call The Officials

Whether you need to report the theft to your healthcare provider, your embassy or any other officials- do it as soon as possible.

If you are overseas, then you need to call your embassy and explain what has happened. The faster you report your missing passport or other documents to your embassy, the sooner you can get temporary replacements to continue enjoying your vacation.

3. Inform The Police

It would be best if you found the nearest police station to you so that you can file a police report. If you have lost a document that is connected to insurance claims, then this is a vital process that you cannot skip. Yes, it may be a hassle, but it is essential if you want to make insurance claims down the line.

Aside from insurance claims, having an official police report means that the authorities are aware of your predicament and, if you happen to be stopped without any documents, you will have a genuine reason for not carrying your identification with you.

4. Go To Your Embassy in Person

You could have the unfortunate luck of vacationing far away from the nearest embassy. If this is the case, then you need to call them as explained in step 2 to help you to speed the process up.

Once you are at the embassy, they will assist you in issuing a temporary passport and other essential travel documents you may require. Furthermore, they will also inform you of the procedure to follow once you return to your home country. Remember, you may have to pay a fee for the temporary passport.

Before you travel, you should ensure that you have digital copies as well as paper copies of all your essential documents. This simple preparation will go a long way towards helping you in the event of lost or stolen documents.
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