Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Steps to Follow so that Emails Can Reach the Inbox

Do you know that each email account is built with security features that will make sure that you will not just receive spam email in your inbox? Some features will ensure that your email will reach the recipient. At the same time, your email will have security features that will prevent you from getting emails that you do not need.

There are some things that will cause an email to get filtered to spam such as the following:

● Content in a language that will make the email seem “spammy.”
● Large file size will always make the email less credible and more considered to be spam.
● Links included in your email may have reputation issues.

You have to make sure that your emails will receive your subscribers. If your emails are inconsistent, meaning, sometimes they will get it and sometimes they won’t, they might report your email as spam.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your email will be received by your subscribers:

1. You can kindly ask your subscribers to add your email to their address book. The moment that this happens, you can expect that all of your emails will go through and will reach their inbox without any issues.

2. Check your Sender’s Policy Framework or SPF. This might not be fully understood by someone who does not have any background in IT. You can always work things out with another person or another department who will understand what to do better.

3. You cannot focus too much on the formatting of your email that you will only provide mediocre content. Having great content will ensure that your email will be received by your subscribers easily. When you place too many colors or too many images, it may only end up confusing people.

Do you want to know more about spam filters? It can be hard to find the right website from where you can search for information but you will surely gain details when you check out Emma. They do not just have information about spam filters, they can also provide you with more details about email marketing. Are you excited to check it out and learn more?

There are different words that you cannot use on your subject line or even your content because it will automatically make your email seem like spam. Get to know what these words are and the other slangs. Doing this will ensure that your email will reach the inbox of your subscribers easily.

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