Thursday, December 20, 2018

Prevention Ideas: Why Your Dog Needs Regular Vet Care

Some people have this idea that taking their dog to the vet for regular checkups is less critical than doctor visits are for humans. The reason is that these individuals feel that since a dog is an animal, they have ways of fighting off their illnesses and healing from their wounds that require no help from us. In reality, though, dogs need medical care when they are hurt or ill, just like humans do. Dogs trust us, and we need to repay that trust when they are feeling out of sorts. In addition, dogs need regular veterinary checkups, for the following reasons.

Early Detection

Just like with humans, dogs can be susceptible to some kinds of cancer, as well as many other illnesses. As is the case with people, catching these illnesses in the early stages can mean the difference between saving the animal’s life or not. That is why you should never wait until your dog’s behavior seems different or they seem distressed before going to see the vet.

You’re Not an Expert

Some people also neglect setting up regular vet appointments because they feel like they know enough about dogs to be able to detect when an animal is ill. If the dog seems okay, the reason that there is no cause for spending money on a vet appointment. No matter how much you feel you know about canines, though, and your dog, in particular, you’re not a trained vet, nor do you have access to the medical equipment that your vet’s office does. Your untrained eye is not enough to determine if your dog is healthy.

Treatment for Parasites

There are also kinds of parasites to which your dog can be exposed regularly, depending on how often you take them outdoors and what time of the year it is. A vet will likely recommend Advocate flea treatment for dogs or a similar option, and you can have a discussion about that. They can also give the animal the inoculations that it needs and provide you pills to administer so that your pet is much less likely to get heartworm or other life-threatening conditions. 

A Preventative Checkup Means You Care

Some people will also think nothing of getting their dogs sweaters, raincoats, dozens of different toys, and top-of-the-line dog food, but then they won’t want to take them to the vet because they feel the cost is prohibitive. These animal owners need to get their priorities in order. You can pamper your dog all that you want, but there is nothing more vital than their health. All the toys in the world won’t mean much if you aren’t taking the animal to the vet to get checked out regularly.

Dogs can be loyal and loving animals, and they expect little from us but affection and care. Part of that is regular trips to the vet, and they must be regarded as a bare necessity, not a luxury item. If you want your beloved pet to have a long and happy life, trips to the vet need to happen every year without fail.
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