Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Top 5 Things I Learned from Engaging Brand Video Workshop

Video branding and promotion is important nowadays for your business. Its critical that you know how to use it and lead the market towards your brand. With this I recently attended Engaging Brand Videos by Manila Workshop held at Villa Virtual in Makati and learned quite a bit of things to help businesses create a video that represents their brand and promoting it effectively.

Im here today to share with you 5 things I learned during the workshop.

1. Videos are great for storytelling while promoting your brand

Some brands nowadays are using video to not just sell but also to promote their advocacy and remain on top of their game. It seems like having the best video in the market doesn't matter as some companies want to have a video that seems to be taken by an amateur to relate more towards the masses. I was also said that having a video that was overly produces is not the best to use in social media, unless it was intended to be a commercial

2. There are types of videos you can create depending on your business needs.

With this said there are actually 4 levels to gauge what type of video your brand needs.
Awareness- used for getting attention towards your brand.
Consideration- Educating the leads about your brand and how can you solve their problems with the products/services that you offer
Conversion- convincing the leads to buy your product though testimonials or product videos
Retention- is a level to which brands make the users aware of their value in their lives via culture videos or feature launches.

3. Most people are driven to purchase by emotion.

Videos are typically a good way of tugging heartstrings and make people empathize with your brand that will lead them to purchase. I thought before that only good product gets bought but apparently even you have a bad product people will buy it if they are emotionally driven. I just hope people will not do it that way.

4. Having a target audience is also a key to a successful video conversion.

Not everyone will like your video. So its important that you know your target market and how you can reach them through the digital media.

5. Interviews is a great way in promoting advocacy driven brands.

For brands that are driven by advocacy having a video that explains your brand is a good way in promoting and putting your advocacy in a good light. Depending on how the questions are framed and how good the interviewer is of course.

Image credit to mr dennis abad

These are just some of the things that i learned from the workshop. Its just 4 hours and we actually had to go on overtime because we had quite a bit of fun when we did our interview segment which was so much fun.

Final thoughts

I thinks the workshop is geared towards more of the theoretical aspects as per what to shoot and how to select the right video for your business.  Since its more on a theoretical side i wasn't really expecting a lot when it comes to the hands on.  As this is not a video editing workshop I actually picked up quite a bit of technique as to how to set moods and do storytelling or how to film/video a product or creating the output you desire. All in all i was impressed with the lecture and will definitely apply it the next time i create a video for my business.

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