Monday, October 15, 2018

Learn, Create, Sell : Learn how to create Engaging Brand Videos and Product Photography

Promoting your brand is hard in the digital age when you dont have the skill set of a pro. I personally struggle on how I can improve my photography and film making skills so I can sell my products to the masses. Now that I just started my small handmade business learning is a must to cope up with marketing in social media.

Good thing that there are organizations that offer these kinds of services like Manila Workshops so small business can have a leg up in creating great and engaging content. Speaking of which, there are two workshops that will happen back to back this coming Saturday, October 20th. Check out the details below!

Delectable Videos (Creating Engaging Videos for Your Business)
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Instructed by Mr. Dennis Abad

What you Will Learn:
1. Introduction (15 minutes)
2. Important Videos for Every Stage of your buyer’s journey (15 minutes)
3. What makes for awesome videos for your Business


Product Photography (Creating Instagramable Photos)
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Instructed by Mr Keith Dador

What you Will Learn:
1. Determining the look of the product: Style, Texture, Form, Features and many more
2. Qualities of light and usage, Soft vs hard lighting, Light Modification,light sources.
3. What equipment, accessories, and props to use, plus other essentials


Who should attend?

– Business owners with physical product to sell
– Digital marketing agency staff
– PR practitioners
– Video producers who want to market their clients products online
– Content publishers

– Or anyone using video to sell or raise awareness of a product

You can learn more and also sign up when you click the link

Both workshops will be held at Villa Virtual in Makati City and all participants will get a certificate after the workshop they chose to attend and also meet like minded people within the industry.

As a startup business owner, I find these workshops as an essential to improve my instagram game and video capabilities. I mean who doesnt want to make a sale right? So if you are a startup like myself, in the marketing industry or a blogger, I urge you to check out the links above and improve your skills.

See you all on October 20th!

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