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Full of Life and Full of Love: A Safe and Serene Home for Everyone

Your home should be a place of tranquility, enjoyment and love; a place where your kids can grow up with fond
memories forever. You always want to make your home more tranquil and relaxing for yourself, as well as
making it safe for the children. You want a flawless morning routine that gets them to school on time and a light
hearted, playful environment where they can feel truly content. You realize there is a lot to think about, but where
do you start? Happiness will always come from home, so you want to try your very best to make every element
in your house safe, comforting and healthy for every member of the family. You can achieve this using a variety
of different techniques, from nipping pest control in the bud to reassessing your cleaning methods. Allow your
children to flourish and grow in a well rounded and healthy atmosphere. You might already implement some of
these ideas into your daily life, so that is fabulous already. If there are some techniques you are yet to try, then
now is your chance to give them a go. Try something new in your home and give your family the brightest future

A small white house in a suburban neighborhood at sunset

Pesky Pests
Lurking in fabrics and hidden under floorboards could be a whole host of creepy crawlies you never want to
come face to face with. Whether there are hordes of termites or a group of white ants, you can never be too
careful, especially when you have little ones around. Get a full inspection of your property, so that you can have
peace of mind. The professionals will be well equipped to deal with any unwanted visitors in the safest way
possible. Never try to fumigate your home and get rid of bugs on your own as you could cause more harm
without the relevant equipment. Your home will be safe from harmful biters and free of pesky pests as long
as you get a thorough inspection.

Healthy not Hazardous
Now that your home is definitely free of creepy crawlies you can set out on a healthy cleaning mission.
\The less harsh chemicals you can use the better, when it comes to deep cleaning in the home. So many
bleaches and sprays are full of nasty chemicals that could be creating a harmful environment in your house.
Try and make your own cleaning products out of the natural products found in your own kitchen cupboards.
Baking soda and boiling water can clean out a clogged drain and lemon juice can act as a simple surface
cleaner that won’t cause any harm. White vinegar is also an excellent antibacterial agent that will kill germs
and leave your counter tops shiny.

A cluster of large ripe lemons on a lemon tree

Natural Nourishments
Now that your house is naturally sparkling it is time to cook up a healthy storm in the kitchen. Nourishing your
family with natural, brightly colored foods with give them a better quality of life. Trying out new recipes and
learning how to eat fresh seasonal foods will really give your little ones the nourishment they need to get through
their long days at school. Look online for delicious family recipes that everybody will love to devour. From
warming lasagnas to hearty soups, experiment with a new recipe each week and you’re bound to find one that
is a hit!

Happy Habits
Creating healthy habits around the home will help everybody to get along much better and it will reduce the
overall stress levels. Even though you want your home to be a fun loving place to be, you still need to put
rules and regulations in place to establish healthy habits. Create a chore chart with small rewards when they
complete a job. It could be anything from making their bed, folding their laundry or sweeping the kitchen floor.
Every small contribution will help you out and your little ones will learn the importance of helping around the
Dreamy Downtime
Make sure you fix your kids bedtime routine and give them a good amount of downtime before they head
to bed. Sleep is so important for little ones so make sure they are getting at least 8-11 hours per night. Give
them a warm bubbly bath with soothing lavender scents and read their favorite story book. The more relaxed
they are before they put their head down at night, the better night’s sleep they will get.

A baby sitting with her father while looking at a kids book.
Loving Our Planet
Make sure your household is doing everything within its power to care for our environment. Our planet is
becoming a dumping ground to toxic waste and harmful packaging that is polluting our beaches and oceans.
Try and recycle as much as you can and teach your children how important it is to reduce the amount of
disposable waste we use on a daily basis. Try going plastic free for a week; head to your local farmer’s market
with your own containers and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables without the plastic packaging. Use leftovers
to make casseroles and soups so that you aren’t wasting a tonne of food every week too.
Gorgeous Garden
Your garden is a beautiful outdoor space that should be put to good use, especially during the summer months.
Why not do some gardening with your kids? Plant some stunning flowers, create a healthy herb garden and
teach them how to care for the gorgeous greenery. Your garden will soon become much more utilized and the
whole family will simply love spending time out there.
Whether you need to get rid of pesky pests, shake up your meal habits or workout a dreamy bedtime routine,
you can achieve it all with just a few simple tweaks. These ideas will equip you with a healthier environment,
a non-toxic atmosphere and a happier home in general. Make sure you are doing your bit for the planet too,
by being mindful of waste and recycling as often as you can. You only get one planet earth, one family and one
life, so let’s make it the best it can possibly be.
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