Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts: Home Renovating Tips When Moving in Together

So, you’re ready to move in with your SO for the first time. This is an exciting and monumental step
in any relationship. Getting wrapped up in the moment leads many couples to purchase a home that

It’s tempting to take on that responsibility, especially at such a positive time in your life. However,
taking too much can put a severe strain on your time and finances, which ultimately leads to stress.
If you want your relationship to last past move-in day, then here are the do’s and don’ts of home
renovation when moving in together.

Do: Set a Budget

Before dreaming of that fully modern kitchen and entertainment system, have a serious
discussion about your budget. Be realistic, making sure to not exceed your fund and leave yourself
eating ramen noodles for the next three years.

The best way to do this is to have an honest talk about your incomes and jot down the renovations
you want to make. Start with what the home would need, then move on to the things you both want
to do. By searching online, you can get a better idea of how much each renovation would ultimately

It also helps if you determine who is going to pay for what. Will you split the cost evenly, or will you
take turns paying for renovations? This can help you avoid a fight down the road.

Don’t: Allow Renovations to Take Up Your Time

You’ll have to set time aside for each renovation, but allowing them to eat up all of your spare time is
a sure fire way to end a relationship. As both of you find yourselves burnt out day in and day out,
you’ll find that arguments begin to increase.

The two of you are moving in together, making it important to spend quality time together as you
enjoy this wonderful phase of your relationship. It’s okay to work hard, but make sure to create time
for one another in the process.

Do: Work on Your Communication

Now is the time to perfect your communication with one another. Projects can make or break a
relationship depending on partners handle working together. Things will undoubtedly become
stressful at some point, so make sure to listen to one another and use “I feel” statements to avoid a

If you’re stuck on things to say (you know, because you’re exhausted from renovating), then Thought Catalog has 250+ question to ask a girl that are as thought provoking as they are fun.
They can easily be changed around for guys as well when need be.

Don’t: Create a DIY Nightmare

DIY, or do-it-yourself, projects are a ton of fun, but taking on more than you can handle creates a
real problem. Just because someone on YouTube made fixing bathroom plumbing look easy doesn’t
mean it actually is. If you don’t think you have the experience or know-how to handle a project, seek
professional help.

Do: Create a Process for Compromise

You and your SO aren’t going to agree on every single thing when it comes to renovating. Maybe
you want orange walls and they want green, or you think that granite counter-tops are a must while
they do not.

Whatever it is you disagree on, it’s essential that you have a system of compromise. You might want
to flip a coin, take turns letting the other have their way, or talk about it until you find an alternative
you both enjoy.

Home renovating shouldn't be a nightmare but an experience to remember. I hope these few tips
can help your renovation be a success!
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