Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cut The Cost of Moving Home With These Simple Steps

While moving house can be super exciting, it can also cost a lot more money than you had initially
anticipated. Aside from the initial cost of a new home, a potential overlap in mortgages, the chains
and if you are moving between rentals – there are other costs too.

Before you book any removal companies or vans (or even get a quote) – clear out the clutter. Every
house, unless you’re a strict minimalist, will have piles of things they just don’t need. Rather than let it
take up valuable space in your new home, and the area in a removal van – get rid. Take a post-it-note
pad, walk around the house, if you don’t love it put a sticky note on it. Sell it, put it on freecycle,
advertise it on your social media. Whatever you choose to do with it – don’t keep it.

Book your removals nice and early and aim for midweek. Prices tend to go up on holidays and at
weekends. Avoid peak traffic times too, or you’ll end up in traffic for hours and needing to spend more
on gas and for time waiting. Do your research in advance and chose a removals company like
Washington D.C. Movers.

Don’t buy removal boxes if you can avoid it. Head to your local hardware department stores or
supermarkets and ask them for any boxes they might have. Also, make use of any bubble wrap or
newspaper they might have to help keep your breakables safe during the move.

Chow down. If you have food that has been in the back of the freezer since you can’t even remember
when, or things in the fridge that need to be eaten – make that a priority on the run-up to the move.
Then for the week you move in,  create a meal plan to incorporate any food from the old house that
needs to be used too. Get a delivery on the day that you move for in the evening and you won’t have
to survive on expensive takeout.

Pack up a box with all the essentials in it. Toilet paper, coffee, tea, sugar and some long-life milk.
There are the things that when you get to the new house if you can’t find you might be tempted to go
and buy more. No one loves to buy stuff they already know they have. Label the box up and be sure to
put it into the kitchen.

Time is money when it comes to moving house. Adhere to your timetable as much as possible, extra
days off work, extra hours needed by the movers – all of it adds up. Make sure you are packed at least
a day ahead of the move, put the boxes in an easy to move from house to van position, get a
good night rest and have all the keys somewhere easy to access. Disconnect and defrost all of the
white good, so there will be no last minute flooding or soaking.

Moving should not be a hassle. If you prepare it will be a breeze!

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