Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Top 5 Fastest Growing Interior Design Trends In 2018

Our homes are one of our proudest possessions, not only is it a big investment to make financially, but it is also a place that we raise our family, that we spend time together and that we escape from the outside world.

This means that we are likely to want our homes to be a comfortable and inviting place to be. Not only this, but we are also going to want to make sure that it is stylish and well designed too.
If you are concerned that you are not particularly creative, then you may be looking for inspiration. To help you along the way, we have put together the top 5 growing design trends in 2018. All ready for you to try yourself.

Embellishments, embellishments, everywhere!

Whilst we know that plenty of people will opt for the less is more approach, but it seems that during 2018 the motto has been more is more. Textures and embellishments are proving to be popular. Fringing, tassels and feathers, these are all being seen in the coolest homes during 2018. It doesn’t matter if you add them into your home in the form of a wall hanging, throws or curtains. The main aim is to create a sense of texture and interest into your home.

Ice cream sweet rooms

When it comes to colours in your home, it seems that the popular choice has been neutral colours that allow you to accessorise. However, it seems that things may be changing. For 2018, the colour scheme of choice are almost sickly sweet. Ice cream colours of pink, blue and peach are likely to be popping up in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms of homes throughout the UK. We know that this particular theme might not be the ideal choice for some people, but we love the way that they not only work together, but that they also work well when you combine them with other colour schemes or theme.

Geometric prints for your walls

We always look forward to seeing which prints are going to be popular for the year and when we saw the big print trend for 2018, we were more than just a little excited. It is the math fan’s dream, geometric patterns and designs. Be it in tiles, wallpaper or art, these are going to be big news! We love the fact that these bold prints are not only colourful and eye-catching, but also that they work in a variety of rooms in your home.

Plant life

Spending time outdoors is great, but what if you could spend time outdoors without having to even leave the house? Sounds a little far-fetched we know, but there are ways that you can bring the outdoors, inside. Plants, flowers and foliage are the answer. Not only are plants a great way to add colour and texture to your home, but they are also pretty good for your health too. They help to keep the air clean and fresh, which will make you feel great! They are also easy to put in place, and if you feel that you are ready for a change, then you can do this with ease.

Ombre effects are not just for your hair

If you are a fan of hair colouring and styles, then you may know all about ombre’s, but what you might not realise is that ombre effects can also work in your home. For the next few months, you are likely to find that ombre stylings are appearing on cushions, rugs, bedding and a whole host of other things that you can use to style your home. Not only this, but you can also create a wallpaper with an ombre effect. We love the idea of ombre in our home, not only does it create a modern style, but it also works perfectly in neutral homes that need a touch of design and style that you may not be sure how best to achieve.

Hopefully, you will have found this article useful in finding ways to embrace 2018 interior design and create your ideal home.

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