Monday, February 5, 2018

Family Savings: Is It Time To Take A Risk?

With all the talk of Bitcoins, Ripple and Ethereum, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it might be time
to get in on the action. Seeing your family nest egg accruing minimal interest in a savings account
can be frustrating when you see thousands of singletons trying their luck on more high risk and
lucrative investments. You want your money to work for you in the most aggressive way possible;
however, you also don’t want to jeopardize the financial security of your family just because you fancy
a flutter on something a little too high risk. Take a look at where you could invest some of your savings
to see a better return on your investment.

Bricks And Mortar

Many people live by the adage that property will always reward you handsomely in the long term. While this may have been true a decade ago, when people were buying up housing stock, doing nothing with it and then selling it on twelve months later for a ridiculous profit, times are now a little more sedate. However, if you choose an area that you know and you can afford to buy a second property to let out for the long term, you could end up with a healthy asset, building greater equity the longer you own it. You’ll need to do some number crunching and make sure that your rental yield is above 6% and that you receive enough each month to pay the mortgage. By expanding your property portfolio you could see your nest egg working more aggressively than if it was stuck in a bank account.

Trust A Financial Advisor

If you don’t mind relinquishing some of the control over your finances, you might be keen to put your
trust in investment experts. Financial advisors who know the world of investments inside out draw up
portfolio plans that are high, medium and low risk. Depending on the strategy you wish to employ,
a financial advisor will invest your cash on your behalf, taking a small fee for doing so. If you read
the personal capital reviews, you’ll see how you can even use an app to track your investments,
analyze market trends and have the opportunity to clue yourself up as much as your advisor. Choose
the correct portfolio while developing a positive relationship with your investment guru, and you could
see a handsome return on your savings.


You shouldn’t think that investing in wine means heading down to your local vineyard and partaking in
a bottle or two. By selecting an excellent vintage and purchasing a case of the stuff, you could see a
giant return on your investment. Wine gets better (and rarer) with age. By carefully storing your
beaujolais, your zinfandel or your chardonnay, you could find that your tipple of choice increases in
value every year. This is a sound way of seeing a healthy return both short term and long term. As people become more financially savvy, reliance on the good old trusty savings account is becoming
less prominent in society. Why not break the mold and try to spread your monetary wings, focusing on
other more lucrative investment opportunities.

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