Monday, November 27, 2017

What Do Architects Look for in a Home?

Ever been curious about what an architect would look for when searching for a home for themselves? It’s always interesting to know what an expert in the field would go for. We’ve put together a list of some of the key elements that professional architects prioritize when they’re on the hunt for a home themselves:

Location, location, location

Location is a key factor for anyone looking for a home - but architects have all the inside info on the hottest property locations that are likely to bring them a return on their investments if they ever decide to sell.

A property with a flexible structure and layout

This is especially important for architects as more often than not, they’re looking to make some changes to any property they decide to live in. If a house has an adaptable layout it allow them to put their own stamp on it if they choose to renovate. If you’re looking to adapt a home to your style, make sure that you’re happy with the location of the kitchen and the bathrooms as these are costly and complex.

A well orientated home

This is something that many of us don’t necessarily think about, or it’s not the first thing that we think about. Architects choose to go for properties that have an orientation that allows sunlight to stream in, and gives them access to outdoor areas from their living  spaces. This may be something to think about a little more when you’re next house hunting.

A property with character and some history

Architects are unlikely to opt for new builds that don’t have much existing character. When they’re on the lookout for homes, they’re more likely to search for interesting and unique designs that stands out from other homes in the neighborhood. An older property that still has many of its original features is likely to offer you a great return in the long term.

For instance, homes with high ceilings are much sought after as they are more rare to find and also make a home look so much more spacious. Keep in mind though, that if you do decide to go for an old home, that you should get it thoroughly invested beforehand. You need to ensure that it won’t need too many renovations or too much fixing up due to deterioration or damage to the infrastructure. 

Older homes have also usually been renovated by previous owner, so check that these renovations are of a high quality. Even with newer builds, get them inspected before investing to check for the quality of the workmanship and construction.

A well ventilated home

Another thing that isn’t necessarily a huge initial priority in many house hunters minds. Architects will make sure that the window types and the locations of the windows will offer them good cross ventilation. For instance, if a home has awning windows, this is unlikely to offer the same amount of ventilation as a home with casement windows.

Another deciding factor for property seeking architects is whether there are any potential noise sources. If a house has windows that are exposed to a road with a heavy traffic, this is something that you need to decide if you can live with. You won’t be able to open that window as much due to the noise, leaving that room to be potentially poorly ventilated. Good cross ventilation will also reduce the likelihood that any mold will grow within the home. Due to their experience look at so many houses, architects recognize that a well ventilated home can create a healthier environment to live in.

The impact of surrounding properties

Architects are also focused on what is surrounding the property they are interested in, not just the exterior and interior of the house itself. For instance, if there is a nearby property that looks into or overshadows the back garden, that may be a factor that puts you off. Also, if you have any major renovations or alterations that you are planning for the property, check that your neighbors will be okay with it.

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