Friday, November 24, 2017

Top 10 Tips Before Going On A South East Asian Holiday

Going on a holiday in Asia is a great way to unwind. No wonder a lot of people have it in their bucket list. The sights, smells and cultural experiences varies from each and every country you will visit. Many of us book our flight tickets online and when you arrive at your destination sometimes things don’t go as planned. So for you to avoid the mishaps that I went through, here are my top tips to remember before travelling to South East Asia.

Pre-Book your hotels online

Yes, yes I know many travelers go backpacking when in SE Asia. But for some of us, myself included don’t really prefer to look for a hotel or hostel after a long flight. It is rather draining to be roaming around a foreign land and not be able to rest. I have been looking around at best Malacca hotels online for our next adventure. And when we get there I personally prefer not to go scouring for the best deals I can get my hands on that’s why checking sites like Traveloka Malaysia ahead of time.

Know the best mode of transportation and back up

When you are at the airport and being swarmed by a sea of people trying to upsell you services don’t panic. It’s very common for them to try to get your business to drop you off to the hotel. Before you leave your home country always check the local transportation and the ongoing rates in local currency.

Have a copy of your important documents

There are times when travelers had this unfortunate incident of losing their documentations and ID’s and that is one of my worst experience that one might face in a holiday. Always have a photocopy or at least a digital copy of your passport, tickets and medical insurance. It’s always safer to leave your originals in a hotel safety deposit box than risk it getting lost while you’re exploring.

Have some local currency of the destination

Changing some money at the airport is not a bad idea when travelling. They may not have the best rates but nothing is worse than being in a taxi and not have the money to pay up. Rates are always better once you are in the country. Money changers are sometimes even offered in the hotel lobby for guests. Always remember that cash is king in Asian countries.

Call your bank ahead of time

Always remember to notify your bank when you are going on a trip outside your country of residence. Declined purchases and ATM machines not giving you cash is such a no-no when you travel. Banks tend to be protective and mark these overseas transactions as fraudulent and you don’t want that to happen.

Don’t over-schedule your itinerary

I’ve learned through all my travels that one should never over plan ones itinerary. Not only it’s disappointing but also your schedule is so packed that you don’t have time to relax and enjoy the moment. Having a rough schedule is better as it will give you more time to explore and if you got stuck in traffic you will not miss anything.

Don’t over pack

Packing less is better than packing too much. Most of us love packing things that we “might” need and ending up lugging a heavy suitcase all throughout the trip. Remember that in SE Asian countries there are markets everywhere and most likely you have one or two in your list and during your visit you can buy things that you are lacking. You can always utilize your hotel laundry of the local laundromat if you need your clothing washed.

Always bring medication

Whether you are on maintenance or just get sick easily, always remember to have medications on hand.
The bliss of chowing down that street food that you have been meaning to try of eating an unfamiliar dish in a restaurant might give you an upset stomach, but having medicines on hand will definitely make it more of a pleasant trip. Each country has a specific requirement when it comes to over the counter drugs and some are not even available unless you have a prescription. So better have it on hand and have peace of mind.

Have comfortable shoes

During your trip there will be a ton of walking involved and having a great pair of walking shoes is crucial. Nothing is worse than being on a holiday and your feet is in pain and you don’t want to explore anymore. Make sure that the shoe that you are bringing with you is durable and broken in so you can avoid blisters.

Avoid bringing too much make up and toiletries

This one is specifically for the ladies. South East Asia is notoriously hot! You can’t go anywhere without sweating. It’s always better to just bring the basics and leave the unnecessary beauty products at home. Most hotels provide a good amount of toiletries so you don’t really need to bring all those liquids. The only item that I highly suggest one must carry is deodorant. It’s hard to find and also expensive in Asia. As for makeup, just bring the essentials because you will not wear it often.

Going to South East Asia should be an enjoyable trip for you and not be riddled by unfortunate events.
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