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Romantic places in Canada

Much of the romance of any country emanates from its cultural history and geography.The same can be said for Canada, with its abundance of natural delights, ranging from lofty mountain peaks, to forests and the plethora of freshwater lakes and streams flowing through them.

Then there are the large cosmopolitan cities and the friendly people staying in quaint luxury homes in Canada, which add to the romantic glamour in their own way. If you are heading to this country with your girlfriend or partner, do not miss to sizzle out on these top romantic picks Canada has to offer.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Easily the best known and number one honeymoon destination in Canada, Niagara-on-the-Lake plays host to millions of couples, seeking sometime romantic, year after year. An extremely popular wedding and holiday vacation spot, this region is well known for its fine wines and the internationally renowned Shaw Festival.

Most of the heritage buildings in this charming town have been converted into fine restaurants and cozy inns, making this place a mecca for lovebirds. Couples can explore the town in a private horse drawn carriage and sample the varieties of wine on offer on a wine tour.


Couples wishing to having a blast away from the hectic pace of everyday life, will instantly fall in love with this charming coastal town. Some of the local communities are known as Cupid, Heart’s Desire and Heart’s Content, implying the presence of a romantic environment all through the year.

Lovers have the luxury of relishing local cuisine prepared by culinary experts and get a self- portrait made while enjoying the excellent hospitality of the locals.

Quebec city

The city of Quebec promises everything a couple could possibly want from a romantic trip. From the moment you step foot with your partner in this glamorous place, you will be instantly rewarded with the rich history and fairy tale like charm. The array of inviting sidewalk cafes along the cobbled streets make a very interesting romantic backdrop.

A stroll down the Cote de la Montagne, hand in hand with your beau, is the best way to rekindle fond feelings and view the city sights simultaneously. If you have the money to splurge, spend a night at the utterly pampering and luxurious Chateau Frontenac, for an unforgettable romantic experience.

Lake Louise, Alberta

Imagine being with your loved one in a setting which simply oozes with romance, against a backdrop of some of the most awe-inspiring scenery to be found in the whole of Canada, then Lake Louise holds the key. Beautiful hiking trails in this part of the Canadian Rockies can produce unexpected delights like a grizzly bear.

Named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, it is easy to see why this glittering body of water is on the lips of many honeymooners from the world over. Sharing a room with someone special at the Fairmont Hotel, overlooking the lake, will not only satisfy your romantic appetite, but offer breathtaking views of the surroundings as well.

Whistler, BC

One of the most popular ski resort in the world, Whistler is virtually a true Garden of Eden for couples all through the year. This charming and gabled alpine village is located just 80 miles north of Vancouver, and is named after the mountain marmots which whistle and reside in this area.

This romantic snowy getaway in Canada has everything a pair in love may ask for, like, cozy restaurants, cute shopping outlets and fine hotels.


Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province and just perfect for couples who are looking for something extra from their romantic vacation. The city has a reputation for some of the most intimate dining options and late night stone wall caverns. Apart from the tantalising food scene, Montreal is an architectural delight with a number of heritage churches.

Montreal is a cultural haven, playing host to several dance organisations and theatre companies, and also a showplace for some stunning art objects. Lovers would enjoy the walks along the beautiful Canal du Lachine and explore the afternoon cafes side by side.

Prince Edward Island

Located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, and also referred to as the Garden of the Gulf, this laid back island affords an ideal escape for those lovers who are looking to be far away from the city life. The island has very pretty sand beaches, which provide a perfect backdrop to the fields and farmhouses which dot the area.

Prince Edward Island is known for its exceptional food scene, especially the mussels and lobsters which are a local delicacy.The historic Dalvay-by-the-Sea hotel is the ultimate place to stay in for a memorable and romantic experience. Incidentally, this very hotel hosted Prince William and Princess Kate at the time of their royal visit.

Canada is one country which is bestowed with a large dose of natural beauty which cannot be compared with any other country in the world.The presence of a large number of national parks, cosmopolitan cities and pretty little towns, all compete with each other to invite the romance seekers to visit their domain. If love is in the air, be sure to visit the romantic spots described above to keep that spark kindling forever between you and your partner. Irrespective of the time of the year, one thing is certain, each of these places are brimming with so much hospitality and alluring attractions, that they are bound to bring you closer together.

This holiday season why not share your treasured moments with your loved ones in a special place that will definitely be memorable. Whats your ideal romantic place? Comment down below!

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