Monday, November 20, 2017

Make the Most of Your Garage with these Simple Ideas

Lots of properties have garage space but so much of it goes to waste! Garages were once the ultimate must-have in a property for storing your family car, but now we are all much more likely to just park on the drive. This means that this space can now be used far more productively.

For many people, the garage is the ideal location for storing all sorts of things from tools to garden equipment and other items that won’t go in the house. However easy it is to fit all of these things in, trying to access them again later can be quite a challenge!

If you are finding that your garage is getting on top of you, or you feel like there must be better uses for the space, there are a few things you can do to make it work for you. A few simple changes and your garage will be all yours once again. It might be as simple as changing the door to one that takes up much less room, or it could require reimagining your shelving solutions. You might even find a better use for your garage than just storage...  

Get the Right Door

The right garage door can make all the difference to the appearance of the front of your house. A mechanised sectional door is a good idea because as you open it, you won’t need to move anything off your driveway for access each section is lifted up and over rather than lifting a single panel up and out. Sectional doors are also more attractive because they break up the facade of the garage and you can find them in all sort of different wood effects to match to your door and window frames. An attractive facade is a great way to increase the value of your property, too, especially if you can see the door from the curb.

As with all mechanics, you will need to make sure that your garage door is well maintained so that the mechanism stays lubricated and the door continues to open smoothly. Garage door maintenance is mostly a case of knowing what to watch out for and how to fix it. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing it’s always a good idea to get someone in who does! Keeping your garage door in a good condition will certainly increase its lifespan so even this small expense will be well worth it in the long run.

Smart Storage Solutions

Making the most of the space in your garage is a big priority. If you have a lot of stuff to store, then this space is great, but if you are constantly having to move things out of the way to reach what you are after, that storage solution clearly isn’t working! With a few small changes to your storage solutions, you will quickly find that you have more space than you thought you had.

Try using fixed shelves with labelled boxes on top. This way you can pull things out to have a look at what they are. You could also try putting the shelving units themselves on wheels. This way you can achieve deeper storage that you can simply pull out to access. You could also use net bags to store children’s toys like footballs. These things are unlikely to fit into a storage box but netting will expand to hold them and, if hung at a low enough height, they will be easily accessible to children too.

Another idea is to make more floor space by utilising the walls. Try using magnetic strips for hanging up metal tools and hooks for hanging things up. Coat hooks are actually really versatile and hung lower on the wall could easily be used to hang up shoes instead. Your ceiling is another good area to utilise for storage, though you might not think it. Use a ladder rack to suspend a ladder or add rails to suspend boxes of lighter items.

Easy Conversion

Of course, you don’t have to use your garage for storage. This space could easily be converted into another room for your house. You might need to add some extra insulation to the walls but otherwise, this is a perfectly good space for a home gym or an office, for example. You could even turn it into a pool house or a kids play area.

As many garages are quite dark spaces, you might want to change the door for a glass door to let in some natural light. Or your could remove the door and build using similar bricks to the rest of the house and add a window instead. However, this might affect the value of your house so if you are thinking of moving in a few years, consult a real estate agent before you do anything. You could always install skylights or other windows to bring in extra light if you don’t want to change the door.

Making the most of your garage space is a really good way to maximise your storage and with a few clever solutions, you might find you have much more room to play with than you ever thought! With a smart door that takes up no room when it’s open and a few tricks to make the most of all the available space, you will quickly achieve a garage that works for you; your things will all be easily accessible and the chaos will be no more. You might even fit your car in!

Of course, once you have these solutions, you might realise that you actually have far less stuff than you thought and a shed could really be a better option. This will give you much more house space and your garage could become the extra room you didn’t know you needed. A garage conversion is much easier than building an extension from scratch and you don’t even need to make any real structural changes if you don’t want to. Just a lick of paint and some fairy lights hung around the eves and you could have a lovely little escape, just for you.

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