Saturday, November 4, 2017

How To Keep Your Creativity in the Digital Age

Now we are in the digital age, our creativity sometimes take the back seat in favor of easy entertainment. Sometimes I wonder if having a smartphone does compromise my love for creating. And my answer to that is both a yes and no.

Almost all of us nowadays have a smart phone. I for one thinks its a necessity due to the fact that I constantly travel and with our connected world it offers a lot of conveniences than the past. Apps are constantly created and marketed all throughout social media and mass media as an easier way to connect to people or is it made to take over your life?

We all know that being hooked on something has a negative side to it,. So today I will share with you guys how I keep my creativity and identity in the digital age.

Set a daily dedicated time for yourself

Having a "me time" is a great way to disconnect and collect your thoughts and ideas. It might not be a lot of time maybe just an hour before you go to bed. Many of us (myself included) spend so much time in front of the computer. It may be due to your work nature or maybe entertainment, but once you are away from your laptop that doesn't mean that you are still not browsing. Try to keep your phone in silent mode and maybe catch up on a book you have been wanting to read or have a relaxing cup of tea while listening to music. It might not be a lot of time on a daily basis, but its a great way to disconnect.

Plan your day ahead 

Most of us don't plan our days ahead and with that a lot of wasted precious time. Most will just go with the flow and not be on the most productive version of ourselves. I used to be one of these people, I always think I don't have the time to do things but I always find the time to be on my phone. I regretted the days when I'm just so engrossed with my phone and not be able to do anything out of the digital realm. To avoid this, have a notebook with all your task you mean to do and put a little check box beside it and have it with you at all times (DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR NOTES APP AT ALL COSTS).

Have a creative day

By planning your day ahead you will be able to see when you have the most time wasted. You will then be able to set a creative day or at least a creative few hours for yourself. Disconnecting yourself is an amazing thing for your creativity to flourish. I normally get into my most creative self and get lost in the moment and be very productive during my creative day.

Challenging yourself to digitally disconnect

With the influence in  social media, a lot of people aim to live like the photos they see online or what people say and marketed online. But the truth is many people miss out on the thing that's whats important, living your life in the moment. The number of likes you get online doesn't have any value outside the digital world. And yet so many people are obsessed with online life that they forget their identity outside of it. Many people get swept by trends that are on-going and thinks if they don't do it they don't belong. I was once one of those people and I thoroughly enjoy the life I'm living now outside of it.

In part of digitally disconnecting yourself. I stumbled upon some challenges that can improve my personal life and also a book that will help you throughout your journey to digitally disconnect.

Homo Distractus is an amazing book that will guide you towards your goals in minimizing digital influence in your life and promote more creativity. They currently have a crowdfunding page where you can learn more and support this amazing cause. You will also be able to get daily challenges in a form of postcard that you can give as gifts this Christmas season!

Being connected digitally is not a bad thing. But one must know when it is too much. Sometime we neglect to see that our personal identity suffers for the sake of the digital one and this hinders creativity, learning and self improvement.

What are your creative passions? Do you have time for it? Comment down below!

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