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Daniel Anton's Success Thanks to SEO

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When war vets come home from deployment they are no longer the person they once were. With countless stories shared with friends, family or even just themselves, they are stories that should be told. They are stories of failure, of triumph, of learning to get out of bed again and becoming successful in life and their career outside of the military. Let’s talk about Dan Anton’s story of how he grew up in New Jersey, went through 2 deployments and created one amazing software company, RankCrew,  with the help of his brother and support team. His story is one that shares his own personal struggle after the war.

Image: Dan Anton

Dan was born in Neptune, New Jersey. He’s the oldest of three boys. Dan’s parents were very involved with their kids to help them pave the way for success. He was the oldest of 3 brothers and loved helping his parents and siblings be the best they could be. Dan began to find his passion with boxing but with too many blows to the head, his father thought it would too much for his son to endure with only being a sophomore in high school.  He decided to pursue a creative passion elsewhere.

When his brother Dan began explaining how he was working with a large community of people online, Matt became interested. Dan explained that people would pay for someone to find the particular game and have it shipped to them. He began to purchase popular video games like World of Warcraft from local stores and sell them online with a markup. Dan started to make thousands of dollars while in high school part-time and really enjoyed it until the Twin Towers fell.

Alongside thousands of other men and women, he signed up to fight for his country without a second thought. He put off his career as an internet entrepreneur and enlisted to go to basic training once he graduated with honors from Montclair State University. He then became a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.
Image: RankCrew

Dan once again began talked to his brother Matt about building a social network for gamers which was similar to the popular MySpace back in 2006 after he had come home from his deployment. Dan had a deep passion for everyday life and the risk he took was beginning to take place in his work ethic. Dan and Matt began learning every aspect of the internet marketing including EMail Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media and more! The video gamer trader now was envisioning a more stable and secure business for himself and his family and how to begin to make a difference with those around him and around the United States.

The brothers began to grow locally with their community, talking with clients and business forums. He began to notice that many of them didn’t have the desire to market their own products or service themselves online and that’s where they wanted to help. Matt came on as the online marketing manager for Liberty Travel while Dan worked on complicated computer systems and solutions as well as problem solving what was plaguing small business owners. The military had taught him the importance of small details which served him well when working with creating his software.

However because Dan was still in the military, his unit was chosen yet again to be deployed to Iraq. After living stateside, he had to shift gears to being a leader and an officers in the United States Army and put his private business on hold. Dan would help pass the time by going over marketing strategies for a few minutes at a time and then be rushed off the phone for an emergency, lack of internet or the need to prepare his troop for a combat patrol mission. Now, an Infantry Airborne-Army Ranger Captain, his men served bravely alongside him, completing multiple high risk missions. Affectionately known as “Achilles” by his soldiers for his unflinching nerve in the face of extreme danger, Dan’s vehicle was hit with an IED, in which his vertebrae were injured in the violent explosion.

Among those huge accomplishments, he was able to start up his company Rank Crew, and manages his team of software developers and marketing specialist. The company offers 3 variety packages to help boost your website with the help of his team and who are searching to take their company to the next level with their expertise.

Not only does Daniel Anton have a great business under his belt, but he is also an Infantry Airborne Army Ranger Major and a recipient of 2 bronze stars during 2 tours that her served in Iraq. Once he retired from the military, Daniel began creates SaaS products, also known as Software As a Service. It grew to over 30,000 active monthly members both in and Dan began to slowly recover back at home and refined his passion with the help of this family, friends and love of the internet and all it’s wonders. He received 2 bronze star medals in addition to multiple honors and military achievements up to this point; one for each deployment. He counts his success with the help of his family, friends and local vets to help him achieve his dream and his ability to help those around the United States.
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