Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bring Your Home To Life

You’ll spend the majority of your time in your home, you need to make it a place you’re proud to be in. But everyone knows all too well that with everything else going on in daily life, it can be a little hard to give your home that bit of life it needs. But the thing is, it doesn’t take much to add a sprinkle of magic and transform your home. All you have to do is know where to start, and what you’d like to do. Before you begin any changes, make a list of what you’d most like to change, work from your most desired change first and before you know it you’ll bring your home back to life.

As the old saying goes, out with the old, in with the new. This is going to need to apply to many things in your house. Furniture especially. After you’ve had it for a fair few years you’ll start to notice wear and tear. Before you know it, it’ll just be junk cluttering up your living room. Nothing transforms a room more than a fresh set of furniture, but getting rid of the old can be a bit of a nightmare. If you’re looking for help you can visit websites such as for help. Once you’re out with the old, it’s time to introduce the new. Furniture usually takes a few weeks to be delivered, so now might be a good time to change the theme of the living room. If you have wallpaper then strip it down and put something new on it. Plain patterns are probably the best if you want to have a room that is easier to decorate furniture wise. The same applies if you’ve got paint, a fresh coat can completely transform the room.

A deep clean is always needed in a house, but never seems to happen. Just a hoover a day will do for a lot of people. But there’s dust and grim developing in places you wish they never would. Start off with what is most likely going to be the worst room of them all, the bathroom. Over time, little nooks and crannys will grab onto grime and won’t let go until you give it the clean it needs. The toilet is the worst place for doing this, don’t just clean the toilet seat, clean the whole toilet with either an antibacterial wipe, or some warm water with a dash of antibacterial soap in it. For the shower, if you really want to remove all the grime then get yourself some baking soda and vinegar and mix in a bowl. Use it to clean all areas of the shower and it’ll come out looking brand new. Put bleach down every plug hole and leave for 5 minutes to dislodge any hidden grime or blockages, rinse with cold water and you should have a sparkling bathroom. Apply the same deep clean to the kitchen, this is the second worst room for collecting dirt and bacteria. For cleaning guides on other rooms in the house, check out this website

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