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Inspirational Indonesia: 12 Reasons You Should Start A New Life In The State Of 16,056 Islands

Packing up your things to start a new chapter in another country is a massive decision to make, but it can unlock a far happier future. So, if life is leaving you a little underwhelmed, this could be the perfect time to make that leap of faith. If you do take this decision, though, it’s vital that you choose the right destination. Indonesia is unquestionably one of the leading candidates.
There are many different elements to consider when selecting a place to begin your new life. Here are a dozen selling points that make Indonesia stand out from the crowd.
#1. Plenty To Explore
Injecting a sense of fresh enthusiasm into your life will be one of the key reasons behind your move. This is one reason Indonesia is a wonderful choice. After all, each of those 16,056 islands has a new adventure awaiting.   
Of course, some have more to offer than others. Java is the most populous island in the world and boasts enough adventure to keep you entertained for life. Then again, Borneo, the Maluku Islands, and other major islands are all wonderful places to live or visit.   
Essentially, if you’re looking for a new home that will keep you occupied for life, Indonesia is one of the best options you could ever ask for.
#2. Moving Is Relatively Simple
The dream of moving to a new place is one thing, but the reality can sometimes be far more challenging than you’d imagine. When you choose Indonesia, though, the legalities of the moving process are fairly straightforward.
Understanding the working visa process can be confusing. But visiting Inter Nations will provide all the required support. Once you are organized, there’s nothing to stop you completing the processes without major hiccups.   
As with relocating to any new country, those legal formalities can take weeks to complete. It is possible to acquire citizenship further down the line, but that’s something to consider once you have settled into the new homeland.
#3. It’s An Affordable Place To Live   
Any relocation, domestically or internationally, should be financially viable. Daily living costs are pleasantly affordable, and they’re matched by the housing prices too.
A luxury property tends to cost the same amount as an average sized home in America, meaning you can upsize with minimal fuss. Alternatively, you may wish to rent for a short while before confirming this is a place to permanently live. Visit RumahDijual to gain further insight into buying and rental properties. The possibilities are almost endless.
Given that the country’s economy is on the rise too, you should find that the value of any property climbs over time. Although this isn’t likely to be your main incentive, there’s no doubt that it is a positive influence.
#4. You Can Survive Only Speaking English
Indonesia is a country of many languages, and you will need to learn the local one(s) to enjoy your new life to the fullest. You can learn the basics before moving but may want to wait until after the relocation before truly developing those skills.
In the meantime, you can survive by speaking English. It isn’t an official language, and you may struggle in some of the smaller islands. However, the main attractions like Jakarta have many people who speak the language fairly fluently. As long as you’re prepared to make an effort to learn their languages over time, you won’t go far wrong.
Your English skills will also make you an attractive candidate for positions within global companies.

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#5. Job Opportunities
A good job is only one of many life aspirations, but you still shouldn’t overlook the importance of a rewarding career. As mentioned, speaking English can give you a great start. However, there are plenty of other selling points.
If you still have money left over, starting a business is possible and puts you in great control. There are plenty of careers in caring and similar industries that offer emotional rewards as well as financial ones.
The GDP might be relatively low, but that’s largely distorted by the large population. Make no mistake; this is Southeast Asia’s largest economy, and it continues to grow by the year. In this respect, there’s never been a better time to make the move.
#6. The Relaxed Lifestyle
Despite the fact you’ll be working, you may well find that it’s far more relaxed than working back in the USA. Even if it isn’t, the fact you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy immense relaxation in your leisure time will give you that peace of mind.
Indonesia is a spiritual land. The stunning sceneries and relaxed vibes of places like Bali are the ideal backdrops for yoga and meditation. Meanwhile, there are plenty of spas and similar retreats to promote greater physical and emotional health.
This truly is the good life, and that’s exactly what you deserve.  

#7. Vibrant Nightlife
The relaxed atmospheres can aid your quest for inner peace. Still, you should not ignore the wonderful nightlife that Indonesia’s main cities have to offer. Clubs, bars, and live music is a regular feature in the main entertainment areas. Without sacrificing their culture, many of those elements are accommodating for tourists, which can be very nice too.
Jakarta is home to many film festivals and art exhibitions too. You can check out Arkipel and other events online. Once you live in the area, though, finding out what’s on will become far easier. If desired, you could easily find something to keep you occupied on every single night of the week.
That juxtaposition of peace and excitement makes for the perfect blend of lifestyle. Better still, it never gets boring regardless of how long you’ve lived there.
#8. You Will Get Visitors
While starting a new chapter is very exciting, it can feel quite daunting too. After all, you’ll be leaving everything you know behind. Thankfully, modern tech makes it possible to keep in touch with friends and family. Still, there’s no substitute for seeing loved ones in the flesh.
Indonesia is a very popular holiday destination, and your presence will only give people yet another reason to visit. They’ll still need the essential travel items. But whether they stay with you or book a nearby hotel, the opportunity to catch up and create new memories is something to be treasured.
Of course, you’ll still want to visit your old home from time to time too. Nonetheless, it’s far nicer when this is a two-way street.
#9. Spectacular Sceneries
Indonesia boasts many great qualities, but its natural beauty will always stand out as one of the most telling factors. In addition to treating your own eyes, the photographs you’ll gain will be perfect in this age of Instagram.
Whether it’s mountains or beaches, you’ll find an array of stunning locations across the islands. Meanwhile, many of them are inhabited by beautiful animals too. When combined with the many wonderful man made structures, the attraction of Indonesia is hard to ignore.
Sharing those views in the form of a blog may also open up money making opportunities. Even if it doesn’t, those sights are sure to work wonders for your general life satisfaction.
#10. Every Area Is Different
The variance in cultures between different cities and islands is simply incredible. So, even if you eventually get bored of the first location, you can always move to another place. It’ll be like moving to another country without the upheaval.   
When comparing the best aspects of Bali to Jakarta, for example, it’s not hard to see the diversity of cultures. Even those with a passion for travel could happily spend their lives working and traveling across Indonesia’s many islands.
Furthermore, it means that Indonesia can cater to all different types of people and personal tastes. This makes it the perfect destination for a relocation.

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#11. Great Transportation Links
Moving around the islands can seem daunting, both individually and as a whole. Thankfully, the transportation links are more than capable of satisfying your needs.
In truth, you could buy a vehicle of your own. However, many people hire a driver instead, especially in the main cities, as their knowledge can save vast amounts of time. Sadly, congestion is one of the negative features. Getting a driver is surprisingly cheap and makes life a whole lot easier.
Even if you don’t, the taxi facilities are very good. Meanwhile, hopping between islands is relatively easy and can be done via boats, planes and other methods.   
#12. Coldness Is Almost Non-Existent
The climate is another selling point for Indonesia. It will take some time to get used to the humidity. Once you do, though, life has never felt better. This is especially true if you hate being cold because the tropical climate means that it stays warm even when it’s raining.
You can check the full climate conditions at Facts And Details. However, suffice to say, that you’ll be more than happy to live in this part of the world. Once you’ve taken the right precautions, it will feel extremely comfortable. Moreover, it enables you to make the most of every day. That’s something that all of us can appreciate.
There’s no doubting that life feels better when the sun is out. This added to all of the other benefits, is sure to make Indonesia a winner.

If you have been dreaming of living overseas you can check Indonesia as an option of your first step. Being able to adjust and easily maneuver yourself into the society is a major convenience factor as well. What is your dream country to live in? Comment down below!

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