Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Funding Your Craft

For most people, crafting is a hobby. They enjoy it, have a passion for it, and would love to spend more time devoted to it. But with bills and life to pay for, the income you can make through crafting, for the most part, isn’t a sufficient enough income. In fact, most people find it hard to fund their crafting materials, let alone make a living out of it. But there are ways around that.

The Create and Sell Cycle

Crafting is fun, and gifting what you make is always lovely, but sometimes you need to make some money out of your hobby. The create and sell cycle can make you a profit, or it can simply fund the project. It is easy to sell your projects on sites like If you make bracelets, for example, work out how much each one costs to make on average and use this as your total, or add a percentage on top (10% or 15%) to make a profit. Don’t forget to include the price of packaging and postage within the total price - if you are selling in person or through a social media platform - or separately if through an online shop.

Outside Funding

There are a few ways you can fund your crafting, or for some new equipment and material, or even to start up your crafting in the first place. You can get a loan to pay for a chunk of things; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a large loan either. Sites like can offer many different types of loans. Just remember that you do have to pay it back - don’t get yourself in debt over the thing you love doing. You can also think about a second job; you might think that you haven’t got the time, but if you combine the two you will. Teaching crafting lessons to different groups of people will not just give you the money to fund you crafting, but it all also challenge you to learn more and to try new and exciting things.

Buy Smart

Don’t buy the most expensive thing you find, nor the first thing you come across. To spread your money you need to shop around and shop smart. Bulk buy wherever you can; for things like jewelry making, you can never have enough clasps or stones, for example. For things like quilting, visit the scrap bucket at your local haberdashery - you’ll be surprised at how much you will find that will be useful, if not for the design, then for lining or trimming. If they don’t have a bargain bucket, then see if you can make an arrangement with the owner where you will buy the cuts offs for a certain price each week. This way, they make money out of what they would usually throw away, and you get to pick and choose.


If something goes wrong, then salvage what you can. Don’t just throw valuable materials away. The same goes for if you break something - like ripping a top or staining a cushion. Save what you can and use it in your crafting.

There are a lot of ways to fund your crafting stash and satisfy your needs to create. What is your favorite way in keeping your supply circulating? Comment down below!

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