Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Home Renovations: What You Want versus What You Can Afford

There is a moment during any home renovation projects when what you envisioned in your mind has to become a reality. It’s the moment when you have to pause, think through what you’ve been imagining - and that’s when the problems tend to start. It doesn’t take long before you realize the room makeover you’re imagining is very different indeed to the one that you can afford.

Coming to terms with your financial situation and how it’s going to impact the finished result you have been imagining is never an easy process. Unless you’re a millionaire with money to burn, you’re probably going to find yourself having to make do with what the money will stretch to. While it’s tempting to immediately go looking for a 1000 dollar loan to paper over the difference between what you want and what you can afford, in reality, that’s not always going to be possible.

So how can you still get the renovation that you want, without feeling like you’re somehow having to shortchange yourself?

1) Focus On One Area That Matters

If you are renovating an entire room, then trying to afford everything that you want is going to cause you to run out of money before you even begin. While you might want the very best of everything, if you’re going to make your finances stretch, then you’re going to need to be more selective.

So try and pick one part of the renovation that is the most important to you. Do you long for underfloor heating? Is it a fireplace that you have been dreaming of? Or are you desperate to change the wall color? If you pick and prioritize just one area, then you can do exactly as you please with that aspect, and trim corners elsewhere.

2) Accept A Slower Renovation

If you truly want to make sure you have the best of everything, no shortcuts, for your renovation, then your best option is to renovate at a much slower pace. Obviously this is not ideal, but it will give you the chance to invest more money as you pass more paydays, and thus guarantee the result you want.

This can actually work out better in the long run, as you won’t feel the need to redo the renovation in a couple of years time because you dislike all the compromises that you made.

3) Try Second-Hand Items

If you’re really wanting to save yourself some money, then opting to purchase second hand items can make a big difference to your overall bill. While it’s not quite the shiny new creation you might have been dreaming of, it nevertheless will have the same overall effect - you can even call it vintage if it makes you feel better about it!

Second hand charity shops and reclaim yards have got plenty to offer when it comes to finding good quality, pre-loved items - so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find something you’re happy with.

So while you might not be able to afford the entire, lavish renovation of your dreams, the ideas above should give you a good insight into what might be possible - no matter what your budget.

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